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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Red Rock Canyon

Ahhhh......I was going to report on this.

Review:  Mamadeb wanted to go hiking during the Labor Day weekend.  But NOOOOOOO....the husband wanted to build a deck.  And so we did.  It's a lovely deck.

The next weekend we did go for our jaunt to Waterton.  It was the loveliest day!!  I was even more greatful since the following weekend was rainy.

I'd never been to Red Rock and so we just walked around and did a short less than a mile hike to Blakeston Falls.  Then off to the township for Subway and some rock skipping at the water.

How perfect is that??  My heart rate and blood pressure were WAY down, I'm sure.  Waterton just does that to me.  

Monday, September 8, 2014

Deck Wars

I really wanted to go hiking in Waterton over Labor Day weekend.  Really.


However, as history would dictate in our family, a long weekend is a good weekend to work.  Yes.  We should work.  Hiking?  Phhhht!!!  Working is more fun.  Way. More.  Fun.

So it was no surprise when Sean texted me saying that Rona was having a big weekend sale and we should build a deck.  We could hike the next weekend, but Rona's sale was now.

Hiking bad.  Deck building good.

So the boys and I stained boards for two days while Sean (and Jackson) assembled the deck and yes, we can all stand on it.  It's a sturdy little thing.

Jackson is becoming quite the little wood worker.  I caught him measuring and cutting wood for Sean with the chop saw.....unsupervised.  He still has all his fingers.  That's a good thing.  Playing a saxophone at school would be that much more difficult.

Hiking happened the following weekend.  I held them to it.  Blog on that later.