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Friday, August 8, 2014

The Ginger Beer Wars

I like Ginger Beer.  I like it a lot.  But the Ginger Beer you get in Canada sucks.  I don't know how you can get it so wrong.  

The cool thing about spending time in New Zealand is I tried a different brand of Ginger Beer each day.  The sad thing about that is it's obvious I didn't spend as much time there as one should when travelling that far. Alas, some days I tried two.


At the Auckland Museum

With my tasty, best EVER steak

At the Waitomo Caves
At Hobbiton.  I don't know if it came out of one of these kegs, but we had it in Hobbit mugs in the Hobbit pub. So that alone is super cool.  
In Rotorura

At the Auckland Airport.  It was damn tasty and the Hokey Pokey ice cream was pretty awesome too.

So, Canada, one day I would like to go to the grocery store and discover a Ginger Beer that is awesome because I won't be goin' back ever.  More than likely.

Well, I did find some recipes online.  Brew my own??

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