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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Road Trip

There were two things I wanted to do as soon James left for his mission.....

1.     Spend time with Jordan
2.     Not sit around the house and cry

So Jordan and I decided on a road trip to Washington State followed by a quick stop over in Victoria, BC to visit some family.  Goal:  Outlet mall shopping AND a little Cash and Carry trip for Torani Syrup.  I'm sure there's a  post somewhere on this blog about my obsession with Torani.  

We started out before first light to start our 11 hour drive to Bellevue, WA with shopping breaks.  I'm a hardcore driver and I HATE staying in motels.  Jordan was my driving buddy.  His job was to keep me awake.  
As you can see, he probably did a great job.......

Alas, unless we were shopping, this was his positioning for the first day.  Good thing for Life Savers (Peppermint), Coke, and my shear awesomeness.  We made all our destinations in one piece and bought cool stuff along the way.  

We stopped by the Seattle Temple and walked the grounds the next morning.  It was nice to be back there and I realized that Jordan had never been there before.  
Sometimes I forget how beautiful all the flowers and shrubbery is on the West Coast even though I spent most of my life there.  I don't think I want to tolerate all the rain it takes to get all that beautiful stuff again, but it's certainly nice to visit now and then.

Shopping was a definite success and though we didn't cram the car with loot, you could say we were discriminating shoppers and just got the good stuff.  We had fun.  We spent some cash.  I finally found a couple of dresses after a decade of looking.  Total score.  

Border crossing at Peace Arch = 90 minutes.  Oh yeah.  That's something I DON"T miss.  I'll take Coutts any day.
I am not a "selfie" girl, but with this handsome boy, I think anyone can look good.  It was a beautiful day for a ferry ride.  Sailing through Active Pass in this shot.
Less good, but I don't think Jordan was concerned about how I looked.  Victoria Inner Harbor.  I want to say it never changes, but it kind of did.....just a bit.  I think Jordan's big score of the trip was here.  We went into a Jade store on Government Street.  I had to laugh seeing the Maori style necklaces, which I did see last year before my trip to New Zealand (did I blog about that?  must check).  Anyhow, Jordan found a necklace he really liked and I was a little stressed at the $99.99 price tag.  But it was his cash and our vacation right?????  Well he found a clearance section and found one that looked almost the same at 25% off.  He sometimes knows the value of a dollar and did the right thing.  What a deal.  

We spent the remainder of the time with friends and family then drove all night to get home on Jared's birthday.  4pm ferry off the Island, got to Revelstoke by 1am, napped for a couple of hours, gassed up in Golden, napped for an hour just west of Calgary, and home by about 11am.  Night time driving through the Rockies.....stupid.  Am I determined?  You bet.  Don't tell me I can't do something.  I'd probably risk killing myself to prove you wrong.  

It was a great trip with a great young man.  I loved spending some one on one time with him.  It's a tough thing to do when schedules and activities take you in opposite directions.  I really feel time slipping through my fingers and I am glad we had the time to do this.  

Love this boy.  

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