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Thursday, May 30, 2013

And Baby No. 1 Gets Graduated

You know a mom is in trouble if she starts weeping over her firstborn's graduation hours before convocation begins.

Seriously, sitting here weeping 30 minutes before the grads even walk in.

I'm glad they give these kids the big send off.  They really have no clue what lies before them.  Let them enjoy the moment.  

James and his date looked so spectacular that night.  I hesitate adding a picture of them together on this blog since I'd be doing it without her permission, but ask anyone who was there......they made an awesome duo.

I would say pics with the fam should come a close second.  As I stated on a Facebook post......I didn't know why James insisted that I smell his armpits (there are a few arms raised photos), but perhaps it was a new deodorant he was trying out.  

Well done my firstborn!!  Get your exams done.  Work like a dog all summer.  University in the fall.  

Yup.  Life begins.  It's hard work, but it's good work.