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Monday, October 1, 2012

Limits of the Mind

Over the last few years I have blogged about Jared on another blog because I was finding that this one, the one for me and the family, was getting overrun with stories of him.  I felt he was crowding us out, or at least his brothers.

Now I struggle with writing there, because our daily adventures - Autism or not - belong to our family.  I have debated how to record and share without again, monopolizing this blog with Autism.  It is only one facet to Jared and to our family.  We are more that just Autism.

What do you think?

Tonight as Jared was talking about how he gets ideas and if he has to wait to get them out they disappear.  He said his mind was a low security jail.  Sometimes it was hard for ideas to get out (get in too, I might add).  All I could think was what a brilliant way to describe that mind of his.  He articulated it in such an easy way to understand, yet I don't think he has a clue that he did.

He continues to amaze me in all the trials.  Love that boy!!

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