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Sunday, October 28, 2012


LEGO Take and Make was yesterday at the local ToysRUs so Jackson and I went down for some free LEGO swag.  The Dracula was the main hit and we needed to wait while the staff bundled more packages together.

We did have to go back to the store to get an extra arm that they neglected to add, but it's LEGO......and Dracula.  You go back to get the piece.  

I love this!!  It's not the LEGO from my childhood.  I thought I would add my top 10 I LOVE LEGO list today.

1.  I think we instinctively like to build even if we (me) suck at it.
2.  When the kids were little, Sean made LEGO creations that moved.  I thought that was hot.
3.  LEGO never goes out of style.  Retro - yes, but still works with the new stuff.
4.  I can buy my 30+ year old brother LEGO and he would be happy.......mostly because of......
5.  Star Wars - The Best.
6.  Because of #'s 4 and 5, I know that I can always go to LEGO for gifts for my grown sons.
7.  They do have some girly LEGO.  Not my thing, but if girls want to build something pretty, you can get flowers and pink. Equal opportunity.  If #5 is up your alley, then you may be wife material.
8.  The store.  Have you been to one?  The one at Disneyland?
9.  LEGO men.  Jared loves them.  He lines them up.  Plays for hours. 
10. Probably the only "toy" that will be saved to use for future generations.  It's expensive, but an investment.

Just don't let your dog eat it.

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ABDO said...

very cool. should have taken the boys. next time