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Saturday, October 27, 2012

An Attempt to Party

Last weekend, Jared went to a party.  A teenage party.

Originally only Jordan was going and somehow Jared got an invite too.  I was super nervous/excited about it.  First, many of the kids involved with this event were actually Jared's age and in his classes at school.  I felt a little sad that this party was going on and that Jordan was invited over the younger brother classmate.  The reason behind that has more to do with girls and the boys they like, but you catch my drift, right. So when I heard that Jared was also invited..........there were some smiles.

Jordan was fine with Jared coming along and even was agreeable to helping him navigate the world of social interaction party style.  Jared, upon hearing about the invite, eagerly and hesitantly said he would go.  A party.  Socializing.  Big stuff.

He tried to go to the party with his Sudoku book and the novel he is currently writing.  Yeah.  I made him leave those at home.  I knew it would be a challenge for him, but I figured if he didn't have a melt down the night would be a success.

He lasted two hours.  No melt downs.  He did try to get on a computer to play games and we did find him upstairs hanging with the parents.  He was surprised to see Sean and I when we picked him up.  He didn't want to leave, but we didn't want the grown ups looking after him.

I think it was an overall success.  We learned some things.  It's not a comfortable environment for him.  We actually knew that, but I think it's good that he stretch that comfort zone every now and then.  He learned that being social in that setting is hard, and he likes the peace that comes from being on his own.  He learned what happens at parties - at least the ones we'd let him go to.  Jordan learned what Jared can handle in a major social situation.

I'd like to see how he does when the party is at our house.  He and Jordan can host together.  That way if Jared reaches his limit, he can disappear and there is still a host.

I learned that I don't have to get overly distressed if Jared's social life is not as active as the other boys.  It's not always his thing and he's okay with that.

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ABDO said...

how did we manage to run and NOT talk about this?? very cool growing up moment- for everyone