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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Aaaand We Get to Disney

It's a little embarassing that we are almost two months past our Disney vacation and I haven't blogged about it.  It was a great trip and I think the sad thing about great trips is that getting back to real life relegates those moments to almost dreamlike states.  Did it really happen?

This trip was a gift from my sister who thought it would be fun to play with the boys all together for what may be the last time.  With James heading into graduation year, the boys are growing up and time feels like it's running out.  Due to scheduling, Sean stayed home to work and I flew out to CA to meet my sis.

First big lesson:  (and I posted this)......four growing boys and a mom in a Honda Civic full of luggage is less than ideal for a 2.5 hour drive to the airport.  Comical?  Yes.  You think small children get under each other's skin?  Take my boys.  Try it.  I dare you.

I especially liked the discussions about how quickly you would fall to the earth if you fell out of the plane.  There was a calculator involved.

Second big lesson:  Figure out the camera locations and timing on certain rides.  You know, Space Mountain, California Screamin', Splash Mountain......If you practice enough you can get an awesome picture without pre-planning.

Third big lesson:  You can be the OLDEST children in line for pictures with Winnie and his pals.  No one stares at you funny.

Fourth big lesson:  You should go to the LEGO Store regardless of whether or not you like the stuff. 

Fifth big lesson:  Go have a Disney breakfast.  It's not just for the little kids and the Mickey waffles are awesome!!!!! Just ask my sis.

Sixth big lesson:  Ride safely.

Seventh big lesson:  Actually, I don't have one......but Spongebob is somewhat of an icon.

Eighth big lesson:  If you can go to the beach then go.  Real sand.  Almost not cold water.  Real sand.  First time ever for us.  Obviously we lived near the ocean in Victoria, but there's no comparison.

Nineth big lesson:  Old guys skateboard and surf.  I know......scandalous.  They might even be older than me.  How is that possible?

Tenth big lesson:  Drink in the moments!!  Take every minute and make the most of it.  Cherish the memories.
Eleventh big lesson:  Sometimes love means riding California Screamin' twice after a Disney breakfast even if you hate rollercoasters.  I really love my boys.

Diane, you spoiled us rotten and we so appreciate your generosity.  We made so many memories.  James discovered Target.  Jordan survived limited texting for 5 days.  Jared mastered Space Mountain and all sorts of other stomach turning rides.  Jackson came home with the most cash left over because he is just plain sensible.  I survived driving in California and only nearly killed us all once.

Next time we need to try Bubba Gumps.  I want a t-shirt.

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