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Monday, July 30, 2012

Nap time

Even when your baby is giant, it's nice to know they can still be sweet and lovely when sleeping.

Breath, perhaps not as sweet.  Don't know.  I didn't get that close.

Now the big question.  Did he manage to not drop his watch during his nap?

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Birthday Trip to Calgary

Jared turned 13 last weekend.  Life was kind of busy and he was not sure what he wanted to do with all the birthday moola he was getting.  So Grandma and Grandpa had us over for birthday pizza and made his favorite......Hawaiian without the ham.....

Jared is obsessed with Lego men.  He has about 50 already, which obviously is not enough.  So this weekend we drove up to Calgary to visit the Lego Store.  Sean, Jared, Jackson and I.  

I must say the staff at the Lego Store are super, duper happy - friendly.  Lego must bring immense joy.  Perhaps I should work there.......

My plan was to ditch Sean and the kids and do my own planned shopping in order to utilize our limited time. I figured they would take about an hour and I had 30 minutes of my own shopping (I had a list) and I would still have time to see all the amazing things the world of Lego had to offer.  

My first store left me with two heavy shopping bags, but what else do you do at Bath and Body Works?  I returned to Lego "mania" to drop my bags off with Sean only to discover they were done.  Done??  10 minutes and done?  I don't drive 2 hours for that garbage.  So I made them stay there for another 20 minutes so I could get my power shopping finished and they could have a chance to not have buyer's remorse, blah, blah, blah.

Jared's goal for shopping was to add significantly to his collection of Lego men.  I figured he would indeed use ALL his cash for that very purpose.....and I should add.....Sean and I bought him clothes for his birthday.  Completely and utterly boring and Jared let me know that.  So I promised him that if he let us buy the clothes then he could spend his birthday money on anything he wanted and I would shut my mouth.  

I really should think things through before I promise such things.  Silly girl.

In the end, he spent $60 on a Lego chess set and he was thrilled.  I was thrilled.  It was a two fold accomplishment.  First, he loves chess.  Second, it comes with 32 Lego men!!!!  Score!!!! Jared was completely over the moon with this find.  He was done.  I was happy because now he has money in his savings account again.  

We went to a Ramen restaurant in Calgary that my parents recommended.  There are few things about Japan that I miss more than a good Ramen.  I haven't had a good one in 25 years.  Off we went after the Lego triumph.  As soon as I walked in the door,  I smelled the smell and the excitement grew.  It smelled like a Ramen shop.  For boys raised on Ichiban, the "real stuff" didn't cut it as much as it did for the grown ups.  Sean and I will return again to try other flavors.  Mine was certainly better than theirs.  I felt bad because Sean made me order for everyone.  Next time......

The day ended with Ikea, of course, and we were happy to be inside as a thunder storm swept over Calgary just as we walked through the doors.  I would not have wanted to drive in it.  It was loud, but the joy that is Ikea is enough to set all that aside. 

It was a great day.  Number three is a teenager now.  One to go.  I noticed today that Jared has grown about 3 inches in the last few months.  It was in the spring that he was my height and as we stood by each other in front of a mirror today, I was surprised to see how he is starting to tower over me. 

I need to get my high heels back on!!!!!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Monday, July 2, 2012

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Aaaand We Get to Disney

It's a little embarassing that we are almost two months past our Disney vacation and I haven't blogged about it.  It was a great trip and I think the sad thing about great trips is that getting back to real life relegates those moments to almost dreamlike states.  Did it really happen?

This trip was a gift from my sister who thought it would be fun to play with the boys all together for what may be the last time.  With James heading into graduation year, the boys are growing up and time feels like it's running out.  Due to scheduling, Sean stayed home to work and I flew out to CA to meet my sis.

First big lesson:  (and I posted this)......four growing boys and a mom in a Honda Civic full of luggage is less than ideal for a 2.5 hour drive to the airport.  Comical?  Yes.  You think small children get under each other's skin?  Take my boys.  Try it.  I dare you.

I especially liked the discussions about how quickly you would fall to the earth if you fell out of the plane.  There was a calculator involved.

Second big lesson:  Figure out the camera locations and timing on certain rides.  You know, Space Mountain, California Screamin', Splash Mountain......If you practice enough you can get an awesome picture without pre-planning.

Third big lesson:  You can be the OLDEST children in line for pictures with Winnie and his pals.  No one stares at you funny.

Fourth big lesson:  You should go to the LEGO Store regardless of whether or not you like the stuff. 

Fifth big lesson:  Go have a Disney breakfast.  It's not just for the little kids and the Mickey waffles are awesome!!!!! Just ask my sis.

Sixth big lesson:  Ride safely.

Seventh big lesson:  Actually, I don't have one......but Spongebob is somewhat of an icon.

Eighth big lesson:  If you can go to the beach then go.  Real sand.  Almost not cold water.  Real sand.  First time ever for us.  Obviously we lived near the ocean in Victoria, but there's no comparison.

Nineth big lesson:  Old guys skateboard and surf.  I know......scandalous.  They might even be older than me.  How is that possible?

Tenth big lesson:  Drink in the moments!!  Take every minute and make the most of it.  Cherish the memories.
Eleventh big lesson:  Sometimes love means riding California Screamin' twice after a Disney breakfast even if you hate rollercoasters.  I really love my boys.

Diane, you spoiled us rotten and we so appreciate your generosity.  We made so many memories.  James discovered Target.  Jordan survived limited texting for 5 days.  Jared mastered Space Mountain and all sorts of other stomach turning rides.  Jackson came home with the most cash left over because he is just plain sensible.  I survived driving in California and only nearly killed us all once.

Next time we need to try Bubba Gumps.  I want a t-shirt.