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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Family Activities

You love them, right?  Some don't want to go because they make plans with friends.  Some would rather work around the house.  How easy it would be to give up and just stay home?

Not for me.  Not this year.  First trip to Waterton last year I let Jordan stay home.  This year it wasn't happening, regardless of him getting permission from Sean to go to a movie in the afternoon.

The remedy?  We just leave and hour and a half earlier.  That's right.  Get out of bed and into the car.  Mama ran at 6am, hit the farmer's market for cherries and raspberries and a chocolate roll, and is ready for a hike.  9am and we are out the door.

So off we went to Waterton to do our annual Bears Hump hike and lunch.  We switched up lunch this year and went to Waterton Pizza, which is somewhat expensive but so yummy!!

Jordan still got to his movie.  I still got a nap when I got home.  The knees are a little tender, but I'm just happy to have dragged the fam out for some time together.

Men in Black 1 and 2 were on the agenda for tonight.  I can't believe the boys had not seen either of them yet.  Now they are ready for 3.  

The boys are growing up and our opportunities to be together dwindle.  Thank you for making the effort.  I don't want our memories of family time to be only in front of the television.  We don't have time to do a lot, but let's make the time we have worthwhile!!


dkstewfam said...

Nice job! I bet hey'll even admit they had fun! The days are going by WAY too quickly! Carpe diem!

ABDO said...

this one sang to my heart. is it about being the only girl in a family of males?