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Monday, April 2, 2012

1200 Calories is Like Starvation

Total starvation.  I had 273 calories left after lunch time.  Are you kidding me?????

I'm not exactly on a diet because I don't really believe in them.  Eat to be healthy.  Thing is that sooner than later, the old menopause is going to set in and that's like a complete metabolism killer in my mind.

I don't indulge too often and I run, yet here I sit at 142lbs at 5ft2in.  Don't start rolling your eyes.  I'm a size 8 and I have been forever - even at lower weights.  I just want to have a kick butt metabolism and be 12 to 15 pounds lighter.  That way when I am older there's room to gain a few pounds.  At this moment, nothing I do moves that scale.  So I will try to count calories.

Sounds like a real party.  Please.  It's got to be fun.  I'm not a deprive myself sort of girl.

Personally, I think I look awesome (and yes I know that's snotty - don't judge me) unless I am bloated.  Call it preparation for my future.

So I upped my daily calorie limit to 1500.  That gets me about a 1lb weight loss per week.  S..O.......S..L..O..W.. Best thing is I run tomorrow so I can add about 500 calories to that if I want.  Hmmm....what to do.......

So we will see if that works.  Otherwise the world won't end.

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