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Sunday, January 8, 2012

4000 Little Pieces

You may recall in the spring of this year, Sean and I were tackling the ongoing drama of the lost and so difficult to replace puzzle pieces to our first 1000 piece Totoro puzzle.  In the end, neither earthquake nor sudden disappearance could thwart us and the replacements to the replacements exchanged hands in New York and brought safe and sound to our home.  

Another delivery I picked up was to be a second 1000 piece Totoro puzzle, but Diane bought all three of my options and I came home from New York with a suit case full of puzzles.  We finally got around to doing them over the Christmas holidays.
3000 pieces.......well 2999 pieces (yes, we once again find ourselves in the replacement saga) in 8 days.  They are now framed and on our basement wall, some color in our underground cellar.

It was a fun activity for Sean and I.  The boys were doing their own things, but we were all together - every night for 8 days.  They weren't too concerned about our project, except for the odd occasion when Jackson would come by and pick up a random piece.

"Oh, this one goes here!!" and pop the puzzle piece in the right spot.

Way to go kid, your dad and I just spent 20 minutes staring and finding nothing.

  Now we are back to life and finding those moments to all be together in the same room is getting difficult again. But I am happy we had 8.  I loved being together.

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Shelli McCullough said...

Those are really very cool!