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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Confessions of a Lulu-lover

I like Lululemon clothes.  They are comfortable. I mostly love them for their running clothes.  I am a Lulu-lover.

SO........imagine my excitement when my Christmas present from my sister arrived.  Lulu gift card.  Heaven.  I could shop......guilt free.....yes, heaven.

Sean took the card away and stashed it.  A few days later I was on the Lululemon website and found this.
This is not me

I had to have it.


I knew this was a sell out and I didn't have extra cash lying around.


It took a little bit of time (Sean, take note of the little part), but I found the gift card.  I purchased the pullover and returned the card to it's hiding place.  

It was my secret.....well it would have been a better secret if I had shipped this package to my work instead of home.  

Since it was shipped to the house, Sean saw the package.  But instead of asking me about it, he just sweat for two weeks that I was spending the mortgage $$$$$.  

I finally came clean on Christmas eve to him and much to his relief, I think.  Yes, the mortgage is safe.

I love my jacket.  I love that I bought it early.  I was right.  It did sell out.  How tragic would that have been?????

Now for anyone who says that karma will find me, I am excited to say that since my term contract didn't qualify me for a Christmas bonus at work, my boss gave me a $200 gift card to Lulu!!!!!  I have some left on my sister's card too.  

Shopping anyone?


ABDO said...

Teach me to love lulu, too. I have anxiety when I go into a store, but I'm in need of some new running clothes!

Shelli McCullough said...

I don't run, but I could if I got to wear that!