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Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Funk

Something happens to me every year right before Christmas.  I get in a funk.  It's odd.  Probably not unusual.  And I stay that way until Christmas morning.  Decades, people.  This has been going on for DECADES.

It's this lonely kind of feeling......like being invisible to the world.  I'm tired.  I'm reflective about life.  I crave quiet, yet on Christmas Eve you will find me in the busiest place you can find.  There I stroll through the crowds and deep in my thoughts.

I took the afternoon off work today just so I could sit in a quiet house.  I haven't done this in a long time.  I'm alone.....for another hour.  It's nice.  But soon the kiddies will be home.  The silence will be replaced with chatter about the day, televisions, and music playing.  I'm not really alone.  I am surrounded by people I cherish.  I will feel alone though.  It's part of the annual process.

I will shake this feeling.  I always do.  But I am mindful of the many who feel like this most of their days.  They live this.

Why not take the time to brighten their life, if even for a small moment.

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ABDO said...

I hear ya. It's not unusual. Thank you for sacrificing some time to make our night a little brighter. Yummy treats :)