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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Day In the Life......part 2

This post was originally titled "In the Navy" with "something he found in his closet" written under this picture.

A couple of minutes after I posted it, we all realized that perhaps it had an alternate meaning to it.

Not gonna lie.  I laughed myself to tears, but in the spirit of not offending or making light.....I'm editing my post.

It is true.  He did find this outfit in his closet.

Jared does his classic photo bomb in the background.

A little up in the air and blurry, but this was Jordan's outfit he selected when we went out shopping the other night.  I wanted to make sure I got this posted tonight.

We'll pretend this is Jackson.  My friend Karri surprised me with a case of caffeine free Coke from the states.  Love you!!!  Thank you!!!!!

The likelihood I will get more than one or two cans is slim so Sean told the boys that if they wanted one then they had to kiss their mother.  Jordan was not receptive to this idea, because I obviously have major cooties, and refused to do so.  Thank goodness for him, Jackson took one for the team and kissed his mother so his older brother could have a can of the coveted soda.

Tonight's polls suggest that Jackson is the favorite.

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