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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Day In the Life of Boys Growing Up.......

James.......He seems relatively comfortable with himself.  He doesn't take himself too seriously as evidenced in this picture.  So when a girl comes over to him while he is at work and says, "You are a total babe, and I think you are hot", giggles and runs away......well, that freaks him out a bit because he doesn't know if he just got teased or if it was serious.  Regardless, as his mom, I feel the need to quote that girl EVERY chance I get.  He went completely self conscious after that experience.  So funny!!

Jordan......I had to show him pictures of frost bitten ears and a frozen dead guy this week.  He won't wear a toque on those cold days because it will mess up his hair.  He's Mr. Gotta Look Good for the Ladies.  He tried a new look that Mom paid for as an early Christmas present, which we know she will totally forget about and continue her Christmas shopping for him like it never happened.  Went over quite well and must get a picture of it soon. He looked pretty awesome.  It's pretty fun shopping with him.

Jared........He's in a play at school.  There's choreography that he is learning.  There's a part where the cast are on their knees like they are idolizing someone.  Well Jared is not comfortable with that because idolatry is against the commandments.  Who was the teacher who described the dance move that way??!!!  Excuse me!!  Autism!!  L.I.T.E.R.A.L.!!!!  I tried to reason with him and then Sean tried.  This is a "to be continued" event.  At this point he won't participate in that particular dance and song.  He's having a great time with the rest of it.  Music is so good for him and to see him have a speaking part is awesome.  At least he refuses to do what he's not comfortable with.  That brings me some comfort.

Jackson......When a teacher tells you your baby is intelligent and mature beyond his years and hard working and shows leadership and is well liked by absolutely everyone, you tend to think things are going pretty good.  I didn't even give her the box of chocolates until AFTER she said all that.  He is loving his report card and his teacher and his class.  He puts chairs out for his classmates.  I'm lovin' this kid.  Can we PLEASE skip puberty.  I don't think I could handle seeing him go all angsty on me.

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ABDO said...

Lovin' the summary. 4 boys (+Sean)...one lucky mama!