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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Best Plans Thwarted

Last week Jordan was informing me that he wanted to see Paranormal Activity 3.  Scary, jumpy movie.  I was not impressed.  I seriously dislike those kinds of movies and really didn't think it was appropriate for Jordan to see.  Rated 14A, I was confident that his plan would go nowhere since he and his friends are only 13.

Jordan again informed me that the plan to see PA3 was under way and it seemed as though my approval or disapproval was a moot point.  Interesting.  Who was the parent who would be the "A" part of the 14A?  How would they get in without an adult?

I made the decision to let him  go so he could perhaps learn a lesson.  Because I was not given a specific adult chaperon name, I assumed that the boys would try to get in on their own and the staff at the local movie theatre would stop them at the gate and I would pick Jordan up, disappointed but having learned a valuable lesson.

Long story short.....My plans were foiled.  No adult.  The boys got in.  The movie scared them all.  Jordan's afraid of the dark now.  He says something good did come out of the experience.  "Now I say my prayers every morning and I sing church songs all the time!"

Last night James phoned from his job at a theatre and said the staff were seeing a midnight showing of Lion King 3D.  Did any of us want to come?  Sean and I were too tired.  Jordan said it was too late.  Seriously, I don't get it.  I offered to let him stay out until 2am and he turned me down.  Like it's going to happen again any time soon?  Jackson wanted to go.  I thought that would be fun.  Little Jackson.  Night owl Jackson.  A midnight movie with his big brother.  Lion King.  3D.  I'd be the cool mom and let him go.

Party pooper Dad quashed that plan.  In the end, no one saw Lion King.

Two mommy plans thwarted.  Don't know that either were the smartest of plans, but the intentions were good.......right?