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Friday, November 11, 2011

Because I am the Mom and I Want To

Scenario:  End of birthday group date.  All kids are leaving my home.  James' date is the last to leave.
I am standing in the living room with Emi-Lou in my arms.  James is on my right.  Date is on my left.
"Thanks, James, for asking me to be your date on your birthday." "Yeah.  Thanks for coming."  Exit left.

Now.  Perhaps I should have left the room.  Given them privacy.  Made the conclusion less awkward.

No.  I was having too much fun!!  No physical contact barrier breached.  A little awkwardness is good at sixteen.  No.  I wouldn't change that.

A 5'2" mother with a Bichon Shitzu is not as intimidating as a father in a rocking chair with a shot gun, but it's all I got.  I'm gonna work it.


Shelli McCullough said...

thanks for the laugh, Deb. I needed it today!

ABDO said...

ha. ha. love the comparison at the end!

Antonia said...

work it good :)

Anonymous said...

I read it wit a smile.

dkstewfam said...

You go girl!!!