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Sunday, September 25, 2011

First Run Down......

After last year's goal of running a half marathon in honor of turning 40, I asked myself, "Deb, what are you going to do next year to outdo this year?"

It's how I am sometimes.  Type A.  Overly ambitious.  Crazy.  Take your pick.....Sean picks the last one.

Goal 2011:  Run two half marathons in two weeks.

Sure.  Why not?

I went back to Melissa's in Banff this past weekend.  It wasn't a girls' getaway.  No.  I thought taking the man who thinks I am crazy would be a much  better plan.  He could hold my chocolate milk at the finish line for when I finally would drag my sorry butt over it.  And before I forget......he was awesome and didn't mock me once......I don't think.

I went into this race with two goals:
1.  Do not EVER look behind me - it's not productive and it's energy consuming and it throw me off balance.
2.  Run the hills as much as possible.

I did those things.  I only looked back before I passed another runner (kind of like changing lanes).  I ran all the hills except 1/3 of the last one and most of that was on my scheduled walk anyway.  My time was 20 minutes faster than last year.

I did learn some things.
1.  Banff is almost double the elevation I am used to.  I started too fast and by 6k I was sucking wind and not getting any.  I started out passing a number of runners.  "Hey, you!  I want that 1354th finish.  You can finish 1355th."  By the middle, I realized that was silly.  My pace slowed by choice and by the fact that I was breathing poorly.
2.  I still hate running in warm weather.  It was a gorgeous day in the town of Banff.  I think I like running somewhere between -12C and 6C.
3.  Chocolate milk at the finish line is a great motivator.
4.  I really drink a lot of water while running.  How do people do it without?????

In the end, I walked about 10 minutes more than I wanted to.  I got major butt cramps (I don't know what the proper term is) during the last 1K.  My ankle is swollen and I am limping around.

But I finished!!!!!  I got my chocolate milk!!!!!  I was NOT last!!!!!!

So I get a two week break to fix myself and off to Victoria for half number two......going from a run at 4500-ish ft. above sea level to 75-ish ft. above sea level.  I'm told this makes a huge difference.  There just better be a lot of water for me to drink.

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ABDO said...

Gorgeous day...perhaps too hot (I'm with you!). Way to go to Sean for being a great support crew, we girls were all there with you in spirit. And 20 minutes faster than last year?!? AWESOME!! Great pictures.