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Sunday, September 25, 2011

First Run Down......

After last year's goal of running a half marathon in honor of turning 40, I asked myself, "Deb, what are you going to do next year to outdo this year?"

It's how I am sometimes.  Type A.  Overly ambitious.  Crazy.  Take your pick.....Sean picks the last one.

Goal 2011:  Run two half marathons in two weeks.

Sure.  Why not?

I went back to Melissa's in Banff this past weekend.  It wasn't a girls' getaway.  No.  I thought taking the man who thinks I am crazy would be a much  better plan.  He could hold my chocolate milk at the finish line for when I finally would drag my sorry butt over it.  And before I forget......he was awesome and didn't mock me once......I don't think.

I went into this race with two goals:
1.  Do not EVER look behind me - it's not productive and it's energy consuming and it throw me off balance.
2.  Run the hills as much as possible.

I did those things.  I only looked back before I passed another runner (kind of like changing lanes).  I ran all the hills except 1/3 of the last one and most of that was on my scheduled walk anyway.  My time was 20 minutes faster than last year.

I did learn some things.
1.  Banff is almost double the elevation I am used to.  I started too fast and by 6k I was sucking wind and not getting any.  I started out passing a number of runners.  "Hey, you!  I want that 1354th finish.  You can finish 1355th."  By the middle, I realized that was silly.  My pace slowed by choice and by the fact that I was breathing poorly.
2.  I still hate running in warm weather.  It was a gorgeous day in the town of Banff.  I think I like running somewhere between -12C and 6C.
3.  Chocolate milk at the finish line is a great motivator.
4.  I really drink a lot of water while running.  How do people do it without?????

In the end, I walked about 10 minutes more than I wanted to.  I got major butt cramps (I don't know what the proper term is) during the last 1K.  My ankle is swollen and I am limping around.

But I finished!!!!!  I got my chocolate milk!!!!!  I was NOT last!!!!!!

So I get a two week break to fix myself and off to Victoria for half number two......going from a run at 4500-ish ft. above sea level to 75-ish ft. above sea level.  I'm told this makes a huge difference.  There just better be a lot of water for me to drink.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Everyone's a Comedian

have ..........uh, had a whiteboard on my fridge.  It fell off.  Need to glue the magnets back on.

Anyway, I wrote on it

"Hug your mother" 

because really that


Pretty sure about that.

Seems a certain Sean and his son James, both of whom think they are rather witty, thought writing the following would be loads of fun.

"Chug your moth"

Yes, they do think they are rather funny.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Facebook Status

Facebook.  So big.  I'm glad that my kids don't take it too seriously.  One of the things I enjoy are some of the status updates James posts on his page.  Sorry all, this blog entry is just my way of remembering some of my favorites over the last few months.

My favorite part of school is coming home, taking off my make up, and putting on my sweat pants....

If anyone can guess the color I'm thinking of right now, I will give them a..Michael.... And a hug and a kiss.... LIKE MY STATUS!!!!

I can't log in to facebook....

Guy: Would you like to dance?
Girl: No
Guy: You must not have heard me right, I said you look really fat in those pants...

If you live right, there really isn't such a thing as death...

Whether you're awesome or cool put this as your status (If you...)
wanna start a potato farm. [Comment with :D.]
Think I look good in a sombrero. [Like.]
If you think I'm a good sea horse tamer. [Comment.]
If you wanna play uno, be honest. [Comment with a lol (drowning man).]
If you want me to take care of your unicorn. [Comment, and leave a 
If you're awesome or cool. [Make this your status.]

Do you believe in love at first sight? Or should I walk by again?

Hates it when you can't find someone on facebook cause you never got their last name... It's like learning what to do if you're on fire while listening to loud music, all you get is stop and drop.... Then what?

I just read that small amounts of stress is actually healthy and will help get rid of a cold faster, and at the bottom in a small note it says video game stress counts.... Super Mario World here I come....

is sick, I'll bet if this status gets a lot of likes I'll get better quicker... SO LIKE MY STATUS!!!

popcorn is an antidepressant

Vote for me at tomorrow's student election!!  (James wasn't on the ballot)

Do you ever get the feeling you are being watched? Well guess what.... It's me, all of the time, every day.. Yeah I'm talking to every single person who reads this status.. Now like this status..

I don't believe in judging people based on skin color, hair color, intelligence, mental stability, musical taste, height, weight, age, favorite sport, or if they are aware that Zelda isn't the elfy looking guy in the tunic... For me it all comes down to which three Star Wars movies the other person thinks of when I say Star Wars trilogy.. I mean what else REALLY matters? Clone Wars was the only good one anyways

What do you get when you cross an atheist with a dyslexic? Someone who doesn't believe in dogs... HAHA...

Coulrophobia is the irrational fear of clowns... I've now gotten over that... I now have Ablutophobia - fear of bathing....

Pickup line for a guy trying to get a girl: Cute, you're growing a mustache too? We must have a lot in common... Would that work? I need feedback....

Fun Fact: Light travels faster than sound.. That's why sometimes people seem bright, until they open their mouth...