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Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Milestone

James.  The gigantic baby of the family.  Gigantic because he is the oldest.  Gigantic because at 15 he stands at least 6 ft and dwarfs his 5ft 2in mama.  Gigantic because even with a haircut (this picture is NOT the haircut) his head is and was and started out huge.  

I am forever grateful for C-sections........4 times.  Gigantic heads are a tradition in this house.
Okay, perhaps his head is not huge, but child birth can skew one's perspective - give me a break.

James.  He's taking driver's ed.  He has not killed the instructor.  He has not killed us.  Let me tell  you, Jackson trembles and prays in the back seat.  Sixteen is around the corner.  License time is soon.  

To top that off, he just got his first job.  Official job.  Not a work with your dad and get paid kind of job.  A real job with, hopefully, direct deposit.  

Another milestone in the Mama Deb history book.  

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