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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Friday, August 19, 2011

Fridge Mounts

So I am not a fan of mounted animal heads and I am not a fan of fridge magnets, but combine them and this mama may have to make an exception.
My sister and parents took a trip out to Banff while she was here visiting and brought this home for Jackson.  

I'm thinking it's kind of cute.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Puppy Trims and Training

Emi-Lou is 4 months old now.  She's growing like a weed and learning new things everyday.  She will sit on demand most of the time now.  Sometimes we can even get her to lie down, but that is proving a little challenging.

We took her to the vet last Saturday for her second round of shots.  We asked that some of her facial hair get trimmed because we could no longer see her face and the groomers wouldn't take her until her rabies shots were done.

Her hair was trimmed around the eyes.  It only took three people to get it done.  I've got a little fighter on my hands.  So we got the "it would be a good idea if you start training her to stay still for grooming because if you don't you may find that you can't find anyone to give a the periodic cut."

Today we got our chance.  Little Lou Lou Bear got into some tar in the shed/workshop that Sean is fixing up.

Sean and I managed to get it done, but it may have been too much of a temptation to leave it.  It blended in anyway.  No.  We love our little Lou-Lou.  Looks like we will start trimming her daily now to get her used to it.  She's getting awesome treats for rewards.  Hopefully it won't take too long.

Days Off

Took pictures with my phone and somehow I managed to delete them.  I can be technologically challenged sometimes.

Regardless, I've been busy shopping and going to movies and having "High Tea" at the Prince of Wales Hotel in Waterton.  It's odd going to Waterton without your hiking shoes.  

I've never experienced High Tea, even in all those years living in Victoria.  It was yummy, though I felt like a trip to Subway was in order after.  I learned "Tea" is what you do AFTER you eat lunch.  Kind of like a mid-afternoon snack.  One more part of me is "gentrified".  That's a word I learned in New York.  

I'm back to work tomorrow.  How time flies.  

I warned them I might do this.......some of you need to update your blogs!!!!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Milestone

James.  The gigantic baby of the family.  Gigantic because he is the oldest.  Gigantic because at 15 he stands at least 6 ft and dwarfs his 5ft 2in mama.  Gigantic because even with a haircut (this picture is NOT the haircut) his head is and was and started out huge.  

I am forever grateful for C-sections........4 times.  Gigantic heads are a tradition in this house.
Okay, perhaps his head is not huge, but child birth can skew one's perspective - give me a break.

James.  He's taking driver's ed.  He has not killed the instructor.  He has not killed us.  Let me tell  you, Jackson trembles and prays in the back seat.  Sixteen is around the corner.  License time is soon.  

To top that off, he just got his first job.  Official job.  Not a work with your dad and get paid kind of job.  A real job with, hopefully, direct deposit.  

Another milestone in the Mama Deb history book.  

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Puppy Life

Our little Emi-Lou is growing up.  Fast.  She's a frisky little baby - all fur and all teeth.  She loves to play and wrestle.......
Emi-Lou.........shadow boxer
She loves shoes and we often find her sleeping with them in the closet.

She loves her Gracie

She loves to help Sean lay the paving bricks

We are completely in love with this girl.  What a great addition to our family she has been!!

Monday, August 8, 2011


I have a feeling that some people think I am this......
....Organized.  Tidy.  I have it together.

Usually, and Sean will agree, I am something like this........
.... Disorganized.  Messy.  Hey, I CAN find things.

I do, however, have moments when I get sick of the mess.  I can clean up.
Maybe it will last.  Who knows???

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Paint Till You Drop

No pictures.  No evidence.  Just my word.

I finished work on Friday and went to Okotoks with Sean and James to my Aunt Carla's new house.  She just bought a music school/house there and needed help with painting the studio.  Off we went.

Sean and I like painting and we took James along for some "work experience".  We like to hit the ground running and run we did.  We arrived around 8pm.  We ate Chinese food.  We started filling holes in walls and taping the rooms until 10:30. When Carla and Ken went home.  Sean and I decided we needed to start the first coat so we did and finished at 3am.  We slept until 7:30am and by 8am we were painting again.

By the time 5pm arrived, we finished the second coat and touch ups in the studio, a bathroom, first coats on the two upstairs bedrooms, and 7 doors and two closet doors.

The studio went from a red orange to a happy corn husk yellow.  The doors are now white.  There were 6 of us painting on Saturday.  All that is left now is to paint the mouldings white and re-hang the doors, which Carla and Ken will take care of.

Major transformation.

We returned home exhausted, but we had great fun getting there. Now back to the work around our own house.

This is going to be a great music school.  Okotoks is lucky to get such a talented lady!!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Super Awesome Get Things Done and Have Some Fun Long Weekend

I love a good project and with this house we have had many.  It's NOT my forever house.  No.  While I am  happy with the work we have done, it ultimately does not meet the needs of our family.  I want a newer home.  I want a bigger home.  I don't plan to settle for the one we are in.  Does that make me materialistic?  Maybe.  Don't care.  I am ready to move up.  And I digress.......

One of the projects that have been on the list is the backyard patio.  The paving stones were sinking in spots and water would pool near the house......not good.....so we knew it would be something that would require our attention sooner than later.
My usual M.O. is make a mess of whatever area I want improved (ie. demolition of some sort) then attention has to be paid to it or it continues to be a) an eyesore or b) a safety hazard.  I began to create both.

Sean's been working on our back shed and converting it into his new workshop.  He is getting kicked out of the garage with our numerous guitars and drum set.  Once Sean got the electrical up and working he began to tackle the patio.  We even got the boys involved pulling up bricks.

We are extending the width by about 4 feet which was on my wish list.  We pulled up the rotting wood beams and replaced them.  As of press time it is full of fill and we need to haul in the sand and level it so we can start laying the stones in.  The beams are painted a charcoal gray as is the foundation of the house.  It was necessary to do that because at some point a previous owner decided blue would be a fantastic color to combine with green and painted the foundation.  Once this main part is done, we will take care of the lower level and the side of the house.  We did it the summer we moved in, but we can do a better job.  While I would LOVE to build an entirely new patio/deck it is not in our budget to do so.  We are reusing everything we can.  It's an older house anyway.  Our interlocking bricks are discontinued and we were worried about how we would make it all work with the extended patio, but Sean got some from a client who had the exact same bricks and needed to get rid of them.  SCORE!!!!

He's had major luck on the free stuff lately.  Free 40 inch flat screen LCD.  Free bike for him to work on......side project.  Free bricks.  I am far from a junk collector.....He did well.

This is my new window in my bathroom.  Sean put that in Thursday, I think.  Glad to have a window back in there.  Just need to find new moldings to go around it.  We have dark wood moldings so I need to find something that will match everything else.  Now......what did Sean do with the old one?????
He cut a hole in the shed/workshop and framed out a new home for the window.  Now there is electricity AND natural light.  He's planning on replacing some more windows in the house and two more will find new homes in this shed.

Side note:  This was the shed project two weeks ago......

 Old roof

New roof

And that brings us to the fun today......Sean went to Calgary.  I ran 15.2K (emphasis on the .2) James had his first driving road lesson.  The boys and I went to Waterton and hiked to Bertha Falls.  I thought it was 3km and turned out to be 5km-ish.  James and Jared saw two bear cubs up a tree and we had to wait around until the mama could coax them down and leave the area.  We feasted at Subway (family Waterton tradition) and James drove us home.  My legs are hurting and I am shuffling around tonight, but it was fun.  

Back to work tomorrow.  How time flies.  And it was time well spent.
Super.  Awesome.