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Friday, July 1, 2011

This is How It Happened......

Last night around 9 pm-ish, I was on Facebook and a colleague of mine posted that she had puppies to give away.  Sean and I have talked about getting Gracie a friend, but we've never really seriously done anything about it.  We have our hot dates to the pet store to check out the pups and we check Kijiji on a regular basis, but acting on it was not in our plans.

Well I saw the pictures and their story and I knew I had to see them.  Sean was out on a "man date" so I arranged a visit for this morning.  I figured he'd say No in the end, but paying a visit wouldn't hurt.  I'm sure it's nice to come home near midnight to your wife telling you that there's no sleeping in because we have puppies to see.

The pups came from Saskatchewan.  Their owners split up.  One moved out and the other went away to work for two months so the mama and her babies were fending for themselves under the porch.  A neighbor, who's daughter is also a colleague, began checking on them and called her daughter about what to do.  In the end, the neighbor took the mama, the pups were picked up and brought here and hopefully they all have a home now.  
Happy ending.  Dogs rescued.  New caring homes.  We have a cutie and we call her Emi-Lou.

Gracie took to her better than I thought, though she hasn't left her alone for most of the day.  

Must. Sniff. The.  New. Dog.........
She's the same size as my guinea pig friends.  Why does she smell like a dog?......

We've tried to show Gracie extra love today.  Poor girl, a new princess is in the house.

Sean has not said No, but he hasn't said Yes either.  He's only said, "Like you are going to send her back."  True that.

Happy Canada Day!!

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