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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Out With the Old.......

.......and in with the new

It's hard to believe I have worn out a pair of running shoes.  Very.  Very.  Hard.

I am in love with these shoes.  They are not pink.  Pink would be bad.  Not a pink lover.

As soon as I put these babies on, I wondered where they had been the last few months.  Nothing like a new pair to make you realize (besides all the pain my body is in at the moment) the old ones needed to go.

I realized the other day that I have 8 weeks to Melissa's, my 22k run in Banff, and did I mention the Victoria Half Marathon two weeks after that........I am SO behind schedule.  Must run more!

My body hurts.  It hurt last year too, but I have all new pains this year.  Went to see my awesome physiotherapist, Bruce, today.  I don't let anyone inflict as  much pain on me as he does.  Got to have a great visit with his wife, Amy, who is also a great friend while getting treated.  It can't get better than that.

I brought home some toys to use to help in my treatment.  Everything is on loan, but it still felt like Christmas.  I'm excited to feel better.  I need to run.  It keeps me sane.  There are times I'd rather be in  pain and run than not and be groggy and grumpy.  That is my alternative.  

Now.  Perhaps it's because I am getting older, but looking at myself exercising in a full length mirror is not as pretty as once was.  I'm looking bubbly.  Maybe pillowy.  Take your pick.

Oh, on a totally different subject.  That little fur ball with teeth we call Emi-Lou actually has eyeballs!!  Look!!


dkstewfam said...

Reading your blog made me feel like I was listening to you talk...which reminded me that I have not had the opportunity to talk to you much at all lately, so it was nice to hear your voice through your blog! But, I'd prefer the real thing. When and where? Oh, and I really like your new shoes. You're going to rock your runs!

ABDO said...

Those are some fancy new baby blues! Enjoy wearing them out :) Next time I'll bring refreshments for the visit behind the curtain. A tall chill glass of lemon water for 2! And I totally agree with dkstewfam.

Mama Deb said...

I'm a spoiled girl!!! Must go out to play.