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Saturday, July 23, 2011


I saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows with the crew today.  I wept through most of it.  How I will miss Harry.

There are a lot of tacky men's shirts out there.  Who in this world gets paid to make that stuff and who are the women in these men's lives who allow them to go out dressed like that?

I'm having issues with my blog design.  I don't like the Blogger templates and I can't find a template out there in World Wide Web Land that isn't too cute for my taste.  I like a darker background because it highlights my photos better, but it's kind of dark overall.  I'm feeling rather difficult to please at the moment.

Oh, and keep your nostrils clean.  You never know who may accidentally look up at you.

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ABDO said...

just read what i've missed in mama deb's life. looking forward to catching up in "real" time soon.