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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Helaman's Encampment

Last week Jackson and I had the house all to ourselves.  Yes, I am back to work now, so really Jackson had the whole house to himself and tolerated sharing it with me and grandparents.

At night the two of us hung out and watched movies and "Deck Wars" and "House Hunters".  Jackson is an HGTV fan.  What mother wouldn't consider him the fave child!!!  We taught Emi-Lou how to pee outside.  We went out for dinner.  We took in Kung Fu Panda 2 and agreed that the 3D effects were well worth our money.  Saturday was supposed to be our day for a hike in Waterton Park, but alas, the wind was so strong that day.  We opted for the house and waiting for our other smelly men to come home.

Where were those smelly men?  What would you do to celebrate 100 years of LDS scouting in Alberta?  How about a camp with 2000 scouts and another 1200 leaders?  Yup.  Simple.  Easy.

It rocked!!!!!

I hear they ran out of sutures, but no one died so I think that's a success.  After five nights and six days, Sean, James, Jordan, and Jared came home smelly, and dirty, and tired.  They had lots of stories to tell.  It took two days to do all the laundry, including the sleeping bags, but we are slowly getting back to normal.  

Jordan opted to take his most expensive, white hoodie to camp - against my sage advice.  I think it's almost as clean now as it was before he left.  He came home with blisters on the back of his ears.  Yes, sunburn.  Why?  Because he didn't want to ruin his hair with a hat.  His biggest accomplishment (in his eyes)?  His hair stayed awesome for the whole camp.  

Please, someone explain that one to me.

Jared was lucky to go since his twelfth birthday is two weeks away.  Sean gave up a week of work to be Jared's "helper" and it turned out to be more than a good thing as our ward only had one other leader there consistently.  He did really well and I am so glad he got this experience.  

James was with the older group and I am waiting for some pictures of him.  I hope there are some out there.  This could be Cuba all over again.

Tomorrow:  A Jared Story

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dkstewfam said...

It sounds like you...and they faired very well. It was great that they could all go together! What an amazing time it sounded like. Parker spent a lot of time with James he said. So, you'd think I would have some pictures of James to send you...but no. I guess these boys should take a photography class as part of their high school diploma! :) Sympathies to you about the laundry...not fun. We too are still trying to dig out. All in the name of scouting!