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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Bears Hump 2011

Last weekend Jackson and I had planned to hike Bears Hump, but it was a windy weekend and we decided to abandon those plans and just wait for the brothers and the dad to return from Helaman's Encampment.  This weekend was looking rather lovely so we all  headed out to Waterton for the day.......except Jordan.....been there......done that.......

Even James wasn't eager to go, at first.  Then I ran  off the list of what he and Jordan could do around the house while we were away.....You know.....walk Gracie at least twice, make sure Emi-Lou pees outside, scoop the poop, prep the yard for mowing, mow the lawn, pull weeds, clean bedrooms, etc.  James had a change of heart and decided to go.  Jordan, who is the dictionary definition of "stubborn" still wouldn't come along, so "Cinderella" stayed home and got the work done while the rest of us drove and hiked.

Did I mention that I ran almost 10k this morning?  The million dollar question:  Would Mamadeb need to be carried off the trail?

Bears Hump is a steep 1km hike UP.  I did run some of it, but mostly I was relieved when Jackson or Jared needed a rest.  They all drank my water - cold water with a wedge of lemon and lime.  That's my signature running water.  A little snobby, I know, but I won't run or hike without my lemon water.  Regular just won't do.

It was fantastic at the top.  No wind, great views, and chipmunk-y things that the boys got to feed, thanks to some nice folks who shared their sunflower seeds.

Don't feed the wildlife.........right....

Jordan baby, we missed you.  I told him that.  Last year we were missing Sean.  This year Jordan.  I also told him that our next hike is a no choice hike.  He's coming.  I'll drag his sorry @%#&*.  Well, the next hike will  not be a "been there, done that" so I don't think it will be an issue.  

For a girl who grew up around oceans, I am  loving my life near the mountains!!  And my strapping boys did not have to carry me off the trail.  What a relief!!!

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