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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Out With the Old.......

.......and in with the new

It's hard to believe I have worn out a pair of running shoes.  Very.  Very.  Hard.

I am in love with these shoes.  They are not pink.  Pink would be bad.  Not a pink lover.

As soon as I put these babies on, I wondered where they had been the last few months.  Nothing like a new pair to make you realize (besides all the pain my body is in at the moment) the old ones needed to go.

I realized the other day that I have 8 weeks to Melissa's, my 22k run in Banff, and did I mention the Victoria Half Marathon two weeks after that........I am SO behind schedule.  Must run more!

My body hurts.  It hurt last year too, but I have all new pains this year.  Went to see my awesome physiotherapist, Bruce, today.  I don't let anyone inflict as  much pain on me as he does.  Got to have a great visit with his wife, Amy, who is also a great friend while getting treated.  It can't get better than that.

I brought home some toys to use to help in my treatment.  Everything is on loan, but it still felt like Christmas.  I'm excited to feel better.  I need to run.  It keeps me sane.  There are times I'd rather be in  pain and run than not and be groggy and grumpy.  That is my alternative.  

Now.  Perhaps it's because I am getting older, but looking at myself exercising in a full length mirror is not as pretty as once was.  I'm looking bubbly.  Maybe pillowy.  Take your pick.

Oh, on a totally different subject.  That little fur ball with teeth we call Emi-Lou actually has eyeballs!!  Look!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It's 9:30pm........

and I can't go to sleep.

Because of this going on in my bathroom

and the results of my procrastination lying all over my bed.

The house we were once going to flip is now the house we use to learn how to do all sorts of fun and wonderful things.  Welcome to Windows 101.

Laundry folding?  I try to skip that class as often as possible.  Perhaps not tonight though.

Monday, July 25, 2011

I Just Want to Go to Japan.......

........and get my nails done.  Like these.......

I meant to blog this a long time ago.  These belong to my sister.  She lives in Tokyo.  It`s ALL gel.  I love how the pink (though I would NEVER do pink) gradually fades to clear closer to the cuticle.  For anyone who gets color gel nails......this means NO obvious color line as your nails grow out.  These were Diane`s New York nails.  

I don`t think anyone around here knows  how to do this kind of thing. 

And so, I think I need to go to Japan.  

Saturday, July 23, 2011


I saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows with the crew today.  I wept through most of it.  How I will miss Harry.

There are a lot of tacky men's shirts out there.  Who in this world gets paid to make that stuff and who are the women in these men's lives who allow them to go out dressed like that?

I'm having issues with my blog design.  I don't like the Blogger templates and I can't find a template out there in World Wide Web Land that isn't too cute for my taste.  I like a darker background because it highlights my photos better, but it's kind of dark overall.  I'm feeling rather difficult to please at the moment.

Oh, and keep your nostrils clean.  You never know who may accidentally look up at you.

Monday, July 18, 2011

The Print You Leave Behind

Often we never know what kind of impact we have on others.  Those moments usually fade away with little thought on our part.  Sometimes those same moments make an impression on someone we may or may not know.

A young boy stood before a gathering of boys and men and shared a small part of himself, just because he felt like he should.  A young man in the crowd heard, felt, and was touched.  He happened to share that experience in a ward Sunday meeting.  It was that moment that had the most impact on him through a week of activities.  Someone in that meeting was a friend of my parents.

We seldom realize the extent of our reach.  We think what we say and do is of no consequence to others.  Well, it is of great consequence.

We just never know.........

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Bears Hump 2011

Last weekend Jackson and I had planned to hike Bears Hump, but it was a windy weekend and we decided to abandon those plans and just wait for the brothers and the dad to return from Helaman's Encampment.  This weekend was looking rather lovely so we all  headed out to Waterton for the day.......except Jordan.....been there......done that.......

Even James wasn't eager to go, at first.  Then I ran  off the list of what he and Jordan could do around the house while we were away.....You know.....walk Gracie at least twice, make sure Emi-Lou pees outside, scoop the poop, prep the yard for mowing, mow the lawn, pull weeds, clean bedrooms, etc.  James had a change of heart and decided to go.  Jordan, who is the dictionary definition of "stubborn" still wouldn't come along, so "Cinderella" stayed home and got the work done while the rest of us drove and hiked.

Did I mention that I ran almost 10k this morning?  The million dollar question:  Would Mamadeb need to be carried off the trail?

Bears Hump is a steep 1km hike UP.  I did run some of it, but mostly I was relieved when Jackson or Jared needed a rest.  They all drank my water - cold water with a wedge of lemon and lime.  That's my signature running water.  A little snobby, I know, but I won't run or hike without my lemon water.  Regular just won't do.

It was fantastic at the top.  No wind, great views, and chipmunk-y things that the boys got to feed, thanks to some nice folks who shared their sunflower seeds.

Don't feed the wildlife.........right....

Jordan baby, we missed you.  I told him that.  Last year we were missing Sean.  This year Jordan.  I also told him that our next hike is a no choice hike.  He's coming.  I'll drag his sorry @%#&*.  Well, the next hike will  not be a "been there, done that" so I don't think it will be an issue.  

For a girl who grew up around oceans, I am  loving my life near the mountains!!  And my strapping boys did not have to carry me off the trail.  What a relief!!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Helaman's Encampment - The Jared Story

One of the great things about the camp were the guest speakers in the evening.  There were Young Men's Presidents and former NFL players.  Not your boring ward level stuff.  No.  Bigger.

On the last evening of the camp President Beck, the Young Men's President over the whole entire church came and froze with the rest of the gang.  Now from here I am relaying the account from what Sean and the boys have told me.  They are certainly free to correct me, but here is as close as I can get........

My understanding is that Pres. Beck spoke about being missionaries or becoming missionaries.  Some time during his talk, Jared decided that he needed to go to the bathroom, which Sean let him do.  As Jared made his way to the aisle, he let EVERYONE know where he was going.  During this time it seems Pres. Beck asked for a handful of boys to come up and share what they felt they could do to be or become good missionaries.  I don't think Jared heard any of this.

The port-a-potties were located behind the stage and big TV's so he was walking towards the front.  Suddenly, Sean realized that Jared never made it to the potties......he was in line to get on stage!!!  As Jordan and James realized this too, I think there was a sense of panic.  Should one of them get him?  Did Jared know he was NOT in the potty line up?  Did he know why there were boys lined up to go on stage?  What was he going to say?  There are approximately 3200 men and boys in the audience.  What if he froze?  Yes.  Mild panic.

After the first couple of boys went up and spoke, Sean decided the Jared couldn't do worse so he sat back to watch the outcome.

Jared stood there in front of those 3200 men and boys and said that challenges are hard.  He had two - autism and ADHD.  Sometimes people were annoyed by him and that was okay.  Having his challenges made things hard for him, but Jared said he knows that he should never quit or give up and that he needs listen to the spirit.  Then he kept trying to talk and Pres. Beck did a good job trying to end the speech and move on.

Jared can repel, climb walls, hike long distances, and speak in front of 3200.  The best part for Jared was the fist bumping from other boys all the way back to his seat.  I don`t know if he ever made it to the bathroom.

This is a photo from my friend Karri.  Thank you so much for the visual of such a great experience.  I wish I had been there to witness it myself.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Helaman's Encampment

Last week Jackson and I had the house all to ourselves.  Yes, I am back to work now, so really Jackson had the whole house to himself and tolerated sharing it with me and grandparents.

At night the two of us hung out and watched movies and "Deck Wars" and "House Hunters".  Jackson is an HGTV fan.  What mother wouldn't consider him the fave child!!!  We taught Emi-Lou how to pee outside.  We went out for dinner.  We took in Kung Fu Panda 2 and agreed that the 3D effects were well worth our money.  Saturday was supposed to be our day for a hike in Waterton Park, but alas, the wind was so strong that day.  We opted for the house and waiting for our other smelly men to come home.

Where were those smelly men?  What would you do to celebrate 100 years of LDS scouting in Alberta?  How about a camp with 2000 scouts and another 1200 leaders?  Yup.  Simple.  Easy.

It rocked!!!!!

I hear they ran out of sutures, but no one died so I think that's a success.  After five nights and six days, Sean, James, Jordan, and Jared came home smelly, and dirty, and tired.  They had lots of stories to tell.  It took two days to do all the laundry, including the sleeping bags, but we are slowly getting back to normal.  

Jordan opted to take his most expensive, white hoodie to camp - against my sage advice.  I think it's almost as clean now as it was before he left.  He came home with blisters on the back of his ears.  Yes, sunburn.  Why?  Because he didn't want to ruin his hair with a hat.  His biggest accomplishment (in his eyes)?  His hair stayed awesome for the whole camp.  

Please, someone explain that one to me.

Jared was lucky to go since his twelfth birthday is two weeks away.  Sean gave up a week of work to be Jared's "helper" and it turned out to be more than a good thing as our ward only had one other leader there consistently.  He did really well and I am so glad he got this experience.  

James was with the older group and I am waiting for some pictures of him.  I hope there are some out there.  This could be Cuba all over again.

Tomorrow:  A Jared Story

Friday, July 1, 2011

This is How It Happened......

Last night around 9 pm-ish, I was on Facebook and a colleague of mine posted that she had puppies to give away.  Sean and I have talked about getting Gracie a friend, but we've never really seriously done anything about it.  We have our hot dates to the pet store to check out the pups and we check Kijiji on a regular basis, but acting on it was not in our plans.

Well I saw the pictures and their story and I knew I had to see them.  Sean was out on a "man date" so I arranged a visit for this morning.  I figured he'd say No in the end, but paying a visit wouldn't hurt.  I'm sure it's nice to come home near midnight to your wife telling you that there's no sleeping in because we have puppies to see.

The pups came from Saskatchewan.  Their owners split up.  One moved out and the other went away to work for two months so the mama and her babies were fending for themselves under the porch.  A neighbor, who's daughter is also a colleague, began checking on them and called her daughter about what to do.  In the end, the neighbor took the mama, the pups were picked up and brought here and hopefully they all have a home now.  
Happy ending.  Dogs rescued.  New caring homes.  We have a cutie and we call her Emi-Lou.

Gracie took to her better than I thought, though she hasn't left her alone for most of the day.  

Must. Sniff. The.  New. Dog.........
She's the same size as my guinea pig friends.  Why does she smell like a dog?......

We've tried to show Gracie extra love today.  Poor girl, a new princess is in the house.

Sean has not said No, but he hasn't said Yes either.  He's only said, "Like you are going to send her back."  True that.

Happy Canada Day!!

Uh Oh ........ part 2

Emi-Lou Francesca Zeck.