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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I Am A City Girl.......or at least not rural......

I had to meet up with a grade 1 class for a field trip to a farm  today.  I had to find that farm.  The end of the story is that I mostly, accidentally found that said farm.  The beginning of the story is that I wasn't paying attention to the road and missed a sort of big sign and didn't take the small sign seriously.

When a farm is known for it's corn maze in the summer, one (meaning me) would think that its sign that said, 'CORN MAZE' might be larger than the approximately 12"X12" sign I drove PAST.  Really, it must be a copycat farm.  And so I kept driving.

I never passed the lake I was supposed to pass.  My odometer was telling me I should have arrived by now.  Do I turn around?  Do I keep going?  So my Spidey senses had to kick in and I took a left at the next intersection.

I hate gravel roads.  I especially hate the kind that make me feel I will sooner than later lose control of my car and land in the ditch.

So I am on the phone with Sean and out of nowhere I see a sign to my farm.  1km.  Elation.  Relief.  No search parties to be sent out.  Thank you Alberta for putting roads in a grid formation.  It really works for kids like me who should not be driving out in the country.

So pay attention.  Watch for signs.  Even the little ones are important.  There's a sacrament meeting talk in there somewhere.

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ABDO said...

And when you do think you'll be asked to give that talk? I'd like to be there :)...and you just had dinner with a bishopric member?! Now that you know how to get there, we'll have to go this summer.