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Friday, June 17, 2011

A Good Day

I dislike PAT's.  Provincial Assessment Tests.  Didn't like them in BC.  Don't like them here.  HOWEVER.......when Jared's teacher for math and science emails me and starts with the word 'WOW'......well I can't not celebrate the fact that he got 66% on a tough math PAT and 82% on the science PAT.

I can't not celebrate the fact that I discovered this week that Jackson is a pretty good artist.  I didn't know he could draw as well as he does (future blog).

James played his last jazz band gig of the school year today.  There's a celebration in that too.

And I come home to Jordan trying out a new piano piece and working hard on it and regular lessons are over for the summer.  Celebrate!!

I pretty much like my boys.  It's a good day!!

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