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Monday, April 11, 2011

Wearing Our Hardhats

The folks in the office opposite donned hard hats during the ... on Twitpic

My sister says the Japanese motto is "keep calm, carry on, and be prepared". This office staff is doing just that in the picture. As I write this there have been two rather nasty aftershocks in Tokyo in the last 24 hours. My sister is fine. I'll be glad to have some fun in New York with her in a couple of weeks!!

Good advice: Keep calm, carry on, and be prepared. I'd add that if you are not totally prepared then keep calm and carry on anyway. Then if you can stabilize......start preparing yourself.

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ABDO said...

WORDS TO LIVE BY, that's for sure. Can't believe that it has been 1 month already. I am happy for you and Diane to get together soon.