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Friday, April 8, 2011

The Roller Coaster of Sadness

Oh, the sadness.

And then remember when the order form was completed and my mom took it to Japan with her to give to my sister to mail out in hopes that the company would send those two replacement pieces and then there was an earthquake and tsunami that crippled parts of that nation but not the postal service and the puzzle people did indeed replace my partially digested pieces?

My mom packed them up to bring to me and she came by yesterday with all our other totally awesome gifts, but no puzzle pieces.  They ran away.  We don't know where.  Love my mom.....she feels so bad!!!  

SO........no completed project yet and my dad is coming to help me start the replacement process all over again and with any luck, when I see my sister in New York (say what??) at the end of the month I will have some puzzle pieces.  


ABDO said...

The good thing about roller coasters is that when they go down, they have to rise up again. Sending good karma vibes that things will look up for the puzzlemakers soon!

Shelli said...

New york! Do tell us more, you lucky girl.