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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I Am a Pessimist

I know.  
Well, it's true.  Take this Ford Explorer, for example.

We've owned it for three years.  Sean used it for work.  The time came to unload it.  There were too many repairs to justify keeping it.  

I thought for sure it would go to Auto Heaven or at worst stay in my driveway until there was some type of Push, Pull, or Drag sale at some dealership.  When Sean told me he listed it on Kijiji this morning I think the first word that came to mind was FUTILE.

Well, joke is on me.  He got a call within two hours of listing.  They came by tonight.  Sean gave them the low down on the issues and he still sold it.

I swear, the man could sell sand in the Sahara.

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ABDO said...

Opposites attract! Congrats, Sean. Sand in the Sahara...I love it.