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Sunday, April 3, 2011

End of Our Flood Chapter - Part 1

Almost three years ago, when we first moved here, adventure and setbacks were our middle name.  Canada Day was especially memorable and now three years later we are experiencing the final phase of our recovery.

As part of a city program, we were eligible for a sump pump and backflow valve to be installed in our home at no charge to us.  We signed up for the program over two years ago and I had all but lost hope that it would ever be done.

The cut off was the end of March and we were probably the third to last house to be completed.

Our basement was turned into chaos and jackhammers and strange men rattled Gracie's nerves to the point of exhaustion.
Furniture was moved. 
 Carpet was cut.  Holes were created.

Things were installed.

 Inspections were done.  Cement was poured.  
Cleaners cleaned.  Furniture was rearranged (not an understatement).  Pictures almost hung. But that's part two.  All I will say is I think Sean hates it when I get a big furniture rearranging idea in my head.

.........to be continued.

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ABDO said...

oh, I love a good cliffhanger! Can't wait to see part 2. And now no matter how wet our spring is, your basement will be dry :)