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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Beauty in Old Things

One of the things I am falling in love with about this city (and I know I am not alone) is the way so much of the old has been preserved and mixed with the new.  Take this elevator for example.......It's in Macy's and it's original.  There are a few like this in the store, along with newer ones.  How easy it would have been to take it out and replace it with one that is less rickety, but they've left it - full of stories of a time we can only read about now.

We took a ride around Central Park in a carriage.  Our nice driver from Ireland and his horse Duke were lovely guides.

What a great getaway in the middle of a busy city.  We enjoyed a beautiful day for a ride.  I just thought about how lucky New Yorkers were for this amazing piece of land where you can go and enjoy a piece of heaven for a while in a busy, fast-paced day.

Rigoletto.  A tragedy!!  Curses!!  Silly women falling for players like the duke.  The Metropolitan Opera House was amazing.  There is such a sense of extravagance and opulence to it.  It was a wonderful performance and I learned that the opera cheering I have only seen and heard in dramatic shows is real and loud - even by the seniors who could only shuffle to their seats.  Brava!!!!

Two more days in this fantastic town.  I have so many more pictures I want to post.  The ones posted so far are from my phone.  My camera has so much more.  


ABDO said...

What beautiful weather you had for your day in Central Park. Literally, as my plane takes off, the sun is supposed to come out. But a vacation in the rain or the sun is still a vacation!Happy to hear you are lovin' yours! :)

dkstewfam said...

Glad the Big Apple is living up to its reputation for you! I'm so glad that you got to have a week away! Enjoy every last moment. Can't wait to see your pictures and hear your stories when you get home!