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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Beauty in Old Things

One of the things I am falling in love with about this city (and I know I am not alone) is the way so much of the old has been preserved and mixed with the new.  Take this elevator for example.......It's in Macy's and it's original.  There are a few like this in the store, along with newer ones.  How easy it would have been to take it out and replace it with one that is less rickety, but they've left it - full of stories of a time we can only read about now.

We took a ride around Central Park in a carriage.  Our nice driver from Ireland and his horse Duke were lovely guides.

What a great getaway in the middle of a busy city.  We enjoyed a beautiful day for a ride.  I just thought about how lucky New Yorkers were for this amazing piece of land where you can go and enjoy a piece of heaven for a while in a busy, fast-paced day.

Rigoletto.  A tragedy!!  Curses!!  Silly women falling for players like the duke.  The Metropolitan Opera House was amazing.  There is such a sense of extravagance and opulence to it.  It was a wonderful performance and I learned that the opera cheering I have only seen and heard in dramatic shows is real and loud - even by the seniors who could only shuffle to their seats.  Brava!!!!

Two more days in this fantastic town.  I have so many more pictures I want to post.  The ones posted so far are from my phone.  My camera has so much more.  

Monday, April 25, 2011

Good Morning From the Gym

Only took three elevators to get there.

Problem Solving

This is the sandwich I ordered. It was very tasty, by the way.
How would you tackle this in your most demure manner?

Saturday, April 23, 2011

She Has Landed

I am here.  My sister is here.  I am in one piece.  So is she.  The security guy on the airport shuttle is too despite the fact that I took his knee out with my suitcase.  Oops.

We checked into our hotel and promptly walked down to Times Square.  11pm and the streets were full.  What a sight!!

Time to rest up for tomorrow.  There's an Easter Parade and other fine plans.  We are expecting rain this week so we are working our outdoor and indoor plans around that.  My umbrella is in my purse just in case.  I was lucky to find it.....haven't used it since our move from the island!!

I'm looking forward to a great week.  This is one fantastic birthday present.  Thanks so much, Diane!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Big Apple Bound

My boys might miss me. I left my 'not sensible shoes' at home.
Off for a night in Calgary with my favorite man and some Italian food then away I go.
Anticipate blogging on the go for the next few days.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Puzzle - Take two

So, here we go again.  Diane emailed me this morning to let me know that the replacement puzzle pieces for my replacement puzzle pieces for our Totoro puzzle have arrived.  They will travel to New York in a couple of days and meet me there, along with my sister (who believes they may be cursed and will keep them in her carry on luggage to ensure that her checked luggage -ie. her clothing - arrives save and sound at LaGuardia instead of Hong Kong).  

This is a photo of the replacements for the replacements.  I will see you soon.

This has been a long road for our puzzle experience.  The frame is purchased.  We are ready to complete this thing and hang on the wall in the rec room.  More fine art in this house.  What could be better?

Monday, April 11, 2011

Wearing Our Hardhats

The folks in the office opposite donned hard hats during the ... on Twitpic

My sister says the Japanese motto is "keep calm, carry on, and be prepared". This office staff is doing just that in the picture. As I write this there have been two rather nasty aftershocks in Tokyo in the last 24 hours. My sister is fine. I'll be glad to have some fun in New York with her in a couple of weeks!!

Good advice: Keep calm, carry on, and be prepared. I'd add that if you are not totally prepared then keep calm and carry on anyway. Then if you can stabilize......start preparing yourself.

Saturday, April 9, 2011


For whatever reason, I like this and think it would be a fun birthday or Mothers Day gift for me. The surprise will be who gets to give it to me!!!!

Friday, April 8, 2011

The Roller Coaster of Sadness

Oh, the sadness.

And then remember when the order form was completed and my mom took it to Japan with her to give to my sister to mail out in hopes that the company would send those two replacement pieces and then there was an earthquake and tsunami that crippled parts of that nation but not the postal service and the puzzle people did indeed replace my partially digested pieces?

My mom packed them up to bring to me and she came by yesterday with all our other totally awesome gifts, but no puzzle pieces.  They ran away.  We don't know where.  Love my mom.....she feels so bad!!!  

SO........no completed project yet and my dad is coming to help me start the replacement process all over again and with any luck, when I see my sister in New York (say what??) at the end of the month I will have some puzzle pieces.  

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I Am a Pessimist

I know.  
Well, it's true.  Take this Ford Explorer, for example.

We've owned it for three years.  Sean used it for work.  The time came to unload it.  There were too many repairs to justify keeping it.  

I thought for sure it would go to Auto Heaven or at worst stay in my driveway until there was some type of Push, Pull, or Drag sale at some dealership.  When Sean told me he listed it on Kijiji this morning I think the first word that came to mind was FUTILE.

Well, joke is on me.  He got a call within two hours of listing.  They came by tonight.  Sean gave them the low down on the issues and he still sold it.

I swear, the man could sell sand in the Sahara.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

End of Our Flood Chapter - Part 1

Almost three years ago, when we first moved here, adventure and setbacks were our middle name.  Canada Day was especially memorable and now three years later we are experiencing the final phase of our recovery.

As part of a city program, we were eligible for a sump pump and backflow valve to be installed in our home at no charge to us.  We signed up for the program over two years ago and I had all but lost hope that it would ever be done.

The cut off was the end of March and we were probably the third to last house to be completed.

Our basement was turned into chaos and jackhammers and strange men rattled Gracie's nerves to the point of exhaustion.
Furniture was moved. 
 Carpet was cut.  Holes were created.

Things were installed.

 Inspections were done.  Cement was poured.  
Cleaners cleaned.  Furniture was rearranged (not an understatement).  Pictures almost hung. But that's part two.  All I will say is I think Sean hates it when I get a big furniture rearranging idea in my head.

.........to be continued.