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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Spoiled Rotten

Last Thursday I received some yummy butternut squash soup from my good friend Karri.  I didn't share.  I dined on it for dinner, breakfast and snack.  Sheer enjoyment.

Tonight another good friend, Amy, brought over a BIG pan of Rice Krispie squares.  The boys are devouring them as I type.  There may be nothing left for their lunch bags in the morning.

Later this evening I arrived home to a truck stalking my house.  Out popped some young ladies with a lasagna that I am going to bake for dinner tomorrow.  It was a thank you for some help I gave them on a song they were learning.

On Thursday another good friend is bringing the boys and me dinner so I have one less thing to do on my regular completely insane night of the week.  

Am I spoiled rotten?  Absolutely!!!  And I am loving and grateful for every minute of it.

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ABDO said...

Glad it was the boys getting into the rice krispies and not Gracie! Sometimes we give, sometimes we get. Thanks for what you've given me!