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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Good Thing They Were SO Cute When They Were Babies......

Sean is away.  I am a single mom.  I'm feeling rather tired as I get through my day working in and out of the house.

Today I had an extra long work day.  I came home to a disaster.  Dog not walked.  Dishwasher not emptied.  Used drinking glasses all over the place (at least 2 per child).  Backpacks in the middle of the kitchen floor.  No food or water in Gracie's dishes.  James was fast asleep.  Jordan and Jared were both about two hours over their video game limit.  Jared moved on to a full blown AEB (Autistic Emotional Breakdown) after I came home.  Jackson was just riding the wave.

My kitchen is clean now.  I'm ready for sleep.  They really were some of the cutest babies.


dkstewfam said...

Oh Deb...you have a great attitude. One day you'll miss days like today - when all the babes are gone. :)

ABDO said...

We need a play date. Let's do lunch some time.