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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Decor for Dinner

A couple of weeks back we had a nice Relief Society dinner.
We went kind of fancy with the decor, but it was pretty easy to pull off.
I have a box of silver sticks if any one needs some.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Cuba........Was James REALLY There???????

Or more appropriately........Where's Waldo?  James?
That was the question when James came home from a week in Cuba for a band trip.  Did he really go?  Where was he if he wasn't?  Where did he stay?

Back in February, when it was freezing cold here, James was sunning it up in Cuba.  Well, less sunning and more riding in a bus, but it wasn't here and so I don't care.

"James," I said as I helped him pack his belongings for his first international trip without parents......to a socialist country no less......."take lots of pictures.  I don't want you to forget this amazing opportunity."  I won't mention the lectures on keeping his passport and cash on his person at all times and not to crack jokes to immigration officials.

James took 343 pictures.  What a great kid!  LOVE HIM!!!!  Outstanding!!!!!  After I deleted the blurry ones there were still 323 shots.  Awesome!!!!!

Oooh!!  Pretty area.  Where's James?

Not by the ocean.

Not by the houses.

Not mingling with the school kids.

Not smelling flowers.

Not even in the caves.

Nowhere to be seen in town.

Not even playing with the dolphins.

Not even on the beach.


You heard right.

James, in what I will suppose is Havana

James, by the ocean.

James, mingling with a school kid.

Ahhh......thank you Facebook.  Thank you to friend of James who tagged him in her photo album and didn't have her privacy settings set securely.  Hey, EVERYONE can see and download your pictures!! You should update your settings.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pavlov's Theory Put to the Test

Just wanted to share this little bit of cinematic genius.


Of course I am biased.  It's my son!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

When Age Catches Up to You.....Part 2

And it continues.

Two weeks ago......

At kindergarten - "Grandma, could you help me?"

At our youth activity night - "You remind me of my grandma." - followed by a look of horror in the realization that she completely stuck her foot in her mouth.

Yes, this was directed at yours truly.

And no, I still feel like a young, hot mama.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Another Step Towards Completion

Apparently earthquakes, tsunami, and nuclear radiation are no match for the Japanese mail system. My sister sent me this picture to let me know they arrived.
I hope I ordered the right ones.
Completely forgot about these while immersed in worry.

My Bed In the Evening

Watching Chilly Willie cartoons. Remember those?

Friday, March 11, 2011

Just Glad.....

........that my sister, who lives in Tokyo, and my mom, who is visiting her in Tokyo, are safe and sound after a nasty earthquake and a shut down in the city's transportation system.  Each was on her own and made it back to Diane's apartment separately and each in one piece.

Good stuff.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Spoiled Rotten

Last Thursday I received some yummy butternut squash soup from my good friend Karri.  I didn't share.  I dined on it for dinner, breakfast and snack.  Sheer enjoyment.

Tonight another good friend, Amy, brought over a BIG pan of Rice Krispie squares.  The boys are devouring them as I type.  There may be nothing left for their lunch bags in the morning.

Later this evening I arrived home to a truck stalking my house.  Out popped some young ladies with a lasagna that I am going to bake for dinner tomorrow.  It was a thank you for some help I gave them on a song they were learning.

On Thursday another good friend is bringing the boys and me dinner so I have one less thing to do on my regular completely insane night of the week.  

Am I spoiled rotten?  Absolutely!!!  And I am loving and grateful for every minute of it.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Good Thing They Were SO Cute When They Were Babies......

Sean is away.  I am a single mom.  I'm feeling rather tired as I get through my day working in and out of the house.

Today I had an extra long work day.  I came home to a disaster.  Dog not walked.  Dishwasher not emptied.  Used drinking glasses all over the place (at least 2 per child).  Backpacks in the middle of the kitchen floor.  No food or water in Gracie's dishes.  James was fast asleep.  Jordan and Jared were both about two hours over their video game limit.  Jared moved on to a full blown AEB (Autistic Emotional Breakdown) after I came home.  Jackson was just riding the wave.

My kitchen is clean now.  I'm ready for sleep.  They really were some of the cutest babies.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

When Age Catches Up to You

At work last week........

Co-worker:  "How old are you, Deb?"
Me:  "I'll be 41 this spring."
Other co-worker:  "Hey, you're the same age as my mom!!"