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Monday, February 14, 2011

Today In Valentine Land

Sean is gone for a few weeks and I get to play single mom.

James is being text-stalked by a little ninth grader who is apparently smitten.  They have barely spoken to each other, but James is her man.

Jordan is sick, but went to school so he wouldn't "disappoint the ladies".

Jared made a Valentine expressing his affection to a little girl who may not feel quite the same way.  We calmly made the decision NOT to give it to her and save the both of them any embarrassment or broken hearts.

Jackson is a Valentine Grinch like his mommy, but together we made gift tags and stuck suckers on them.  He may even do it again next year so long as he is not required to give the "dumb Superman ones" away.

And that, my friends, is Valentines in our world.


dkstewfam said...

Hey, hope you get to talk to your valentine tonight! Your boys are lucky to have you.

ABDO said...

The big V day is just a little bit different when celebrated with a house of boys-atleast I think it is. I hope that they each told you they loved you!