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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Poor Gracie

Our little pooch has the worst luck, it seems.  She is so timid of other dogs.  We have tried over the last couple of years to take her places where other dogs will be so she can have some interaction with them and become more relaxed.  Sometimes it works, if the other dog is arthritic and/or old and/or super mello.  Most of the time though Gracie gets spooked by yet another bouncy dog who knows no personal boundaries, off leash with owners who have no clue.  There need to be stricter dog run rules.  "If your dog can run, take its leash off" is not a rule.

This afternoon Jordan saved Gracie from a German Shepherd who went for her while on a walk.  We didn't realize until after an hour that Gracie had a puncture wound.  Jordan got by with muddy jeans, yet I hate to think it could have been worse.  Fortunately when Sean went to talk to the owner, the man had been informed about it by the dog sitter.  He was nice enough to say he'd help out if we needed to take Gracie to the vet.  Ironically his wife works at a vet clinic in town.

So far she seems okay.  We've cleaned it out and are watching it.  My thing is how has this affected my pooch?  I want her to have friends.  I don't want to keep her away from other dogs because she's so timid SHE may get aggressive with them.  Any suggestions?

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