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Friday, February 18, 2011


Tonight James, Jordan, and Jared sang in public for the first time - individually, as a trio, three part harmony.......Hey, in our world we like to do things the hard way.

The performance was a big hit and I recorded it on my phone, but we decided to record it again at home because some of the harmonies were off.

So to those who heard this, here's a better version and to those who hear it for the first time, enjoy.

Side note:  Originally this was going to be a duet for James and Jordan, but with Jordan's voice changing and a nice dose of chest cold he couldn't hit the high notes.  Last night we were rehearsing and I was acting like a freaked out pageant mom.  It was frustrating for everyone.  This morning I decided to involve Jared and give Jordan a harmony to sing that was easier for him.  We started this at about 3:30 this afternoon and performed it at 8:00pm.  I had hoped Jackson would participate too (during our quick rehearsal this evening he played the part of the finger-snapping metronome), but in the end he decided to stay out of it.

Can I just say that I am so pleased with these guys and they really are smart, forward thinking boys.  When they argued that they didn't want to perform in front of the "old people" - because this was not a crowd of peers - I just said, "Maybe so, but those "old people" have daughters and grand daughters....."

'Nuff said.


ABDO said...

They were FANTASTIC and I have no problems telling every teenaged girl I know! You rocked the "old person" party, boys! THANK YOU!!

Antonia said...

oh Deb, how are you going to keep the girls away? That was AWESOME!!! Loved it!