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Monday, February 7, 2011

A Certain Kind of Sadness

 This is the VERY cool Totoro puzzle my parents brought back for us from Japan last spring.  It's 1000 pieces.  We are not really the puzzle types in this house......mostly because of the losing pieces factor, which is  a no brainer when it comes to our family.  But this is Miyazaki stuff.  Google him if you must.  So we finally got around to putting this masterpiece together this weekend.

I know.  Crazy.  These Totoro things are going nuts.  Can you tell why?  998 pieces completed.  Nine hundred and ninety eight.  

This is actually the same piece.  We can't find the other one.  

 This is the culprit.  

This is the replacement puzzle piece request form that I will get help filling out so I can send it to my sister in Tokyo, who can then forward it on to the company that will set the world right again (Umm....Diane, if you are reading this, can I ask you to do something for me?? ;)  ), and hopefully the new pieces will arrive at my sister's place in time for my mother, who is going to Japan for a few weeks shortly, to bring back to Canada so Sean and I can complete our puzzle, glue it together, frame it, and then hang it on a wall in the basement.  

I'll be happy to post the framed end result......in about 8 weeks.  Little bit of sadness around here at the moment.


Shelli said...

Love it! Too funny!

ABDO said...

It would take me ETERNITY to do a 1000 piece puzzle-or 998! Good luck in the waiting game!