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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Because Sometimes the Boys Just Wanna Have Fun

Last night was girls' night out.  We run together.  It's just logical that we stuff ourselves with high calorie treats together also.  It was a fun night.  Thank you, ladeez!!!

Sean and James thought they would have fun too.  While I was having a great time, they came by the restaurant and drove my van to a different parking spot.  It wasn't far from where I originally parked, but.......

You can imagine my reaction when I walked out of the restaurant.  Good thing I saw the van fairly quickly, but I was a confused little girl.

More confused than usual.


ABDO said...

Good thing you don't drink- That would have really thrown ya for a loop!

dkstewfam said...

I think that's sort of romantic! Sean has a funny way of flirting but very creative! I had a great time too! We have great friends! Thanks for being one of mine.