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Monday, January 10, 2011

Poor Puppy

Every winter Gracie's skin gets so irritated.  It's like she's allergic to the cold weather.  We always need to keep a close eye on her because she constantly scratches and bites herself in the most unlady-like manner.  Really, have I taught you NOTHING!!!!

We came home from church yesterday to find Sean bathing the pooch.  She'd apparently started biting her bottom and tail and left herself covered in blood.  We are now keeping close tabs on her and using the "cone of shame" when she starts maiming herself. 

We know by the spring Gracie will be fine, but it's a long wait and we need to watch out for infections.  We've tried medications, but they only take away the itch. 

Poor little girl.  The picture of sheer humiliation and sadness.

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ABDO said...

How sad, Gracie! "Cone of shame"HAHA, even my kids loved that quote. But all humor aside, we feel sorry for her.