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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Confessions of a Lulu-lover

I like Lululemon clothes.  They are comfortable. I mostly love them for their running clothes.  I am a Lulu-lover.

SO........imagine my excitement when my Christmas present from my sister arrived.  Lulu gift card.  Heaven.  I could shop......guilt free.....yes, heaven.

Sean took the card away and stashed it.  A few days later I was on the Lululemon website and found this.
This is not me

I had to have it.


I knew this was a sell out and I didn't have extra cash lying around.


It took a little bit of time (Sean, take note of the little part), but I found the gift card.  I purchased the pullover and returned the card to it's hiding place.  

It was my secret.....well it would have been a better secret if I had shipped this package to my work instead of home.  

Since it was shipped to the house, Sean saw the package.  But instead of asking me about it, he just sweat for two weeks that I was spending the mortgage $$$$$.  

I finally came clean on Christmas eve to him and much to his relief, I think.  Yes, the mortgage is safe.

I love my jacket.  I love that I bought it early.  I was right.  It did sell out.  How tragic would that have been?????

Now for anyone who says that karma will find me, I am excited to say that since my term contract didn't qualify me for a Christmas bonus at work, my boss gave me a $200 gift card to Lulu!!!!!  I have some left on my sister's card too.  

Shopping anyone?

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Fun Gifts

My friend Antonia designed and did up this shirt for me and other friends for Christmas. I love her creativity and better than that, follow thru.......
Runner Woman - I LOVE that!!  Thank you. Antonia, you are amazing!!  Love ya! 

We are opening gifts tonight and eating stuff like this.  Merry Christmas Eve!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Funk

Something happens to me every year right before Christmas.  I get in a funk.  It's odd.  Probably not unusual.  And I stay that way until Christmas morning.  Decades, people.  This has been going on for DECADES.

It's this lonely kind of feeling......like being invisible to the world.  I'm tired.  I'm reflective about life.  I crave quiet, yet on Christmas Eve you will find me in the busiest place you can find.  There I stroll through the crowds and deep in my thoughts.

I took the afternoon off work today just so I could sit in a quiet house.  I haven't done this in a long time.  I'm alone.....for another hour.  It's nice.  But soon the kiddies will be home.  The silence will be replaced with chatter about the day, televisions, and music playing.  I'm not really alone.  I am surrounded by people I cherish.  I will feel alone though.  It's part of the annual process.

I will shake this feeling.  I always do.  But I am mindful of the many who feel like this most of their days.  They live this.

Why not take the time to brighten their life, if even for a small moment.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Play In Peace

Like most homes, it's a real treat when the kids just get along.  I have to say, it was nice to see these two just sit together, draw and sketch, and talk about the other person's pictures.  They sat together for more than an hour.  Just loved it.  

Sunday, November 27, 2011


It's mega windy right now.  MEGA.  Fires burning on the north side of town.  Grass fire burning on the west side of town.  It's nasty.  I'm grateful my roof is in tact.  Now my two ugly trees in my front yard......well, they could blow over.  I'd be totally fine with it.  I hate them.  I even figured it could be of service to our neighbors across the street if this furious west wind  blew them over in a miraculous southward direction and landed on their problematic vehicles.  Then they could get cars that worked.  They are nice folks.

See.  I'm totally thinking of the other guy rather than myself :)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Day In the Life......part 2

This post was originally titled "In the Navy" with "something he found in his closet" written under this picture.

A couple of minutes after I posted it, we all realized that perhaps it had an alternate meaning to it.

Not gonna lie.  I laughed myself to tears, but in the spirit of not offending or making light.....I'm editing my post.

It is true.  He did find this outfit in his closet.

Jared does his classic photo bomb in the background.

A little up in the air and blurry, but this was Jordan's outfit he selected when we went out shopping the other night.  I wanted to make sure I got this posted tonight.

We'll pretend this is Jackson.  My friend Karri surprised me with a case of caffeine free Coke from the states.  Love you!!!  Thank you!!!!!

The likelihood I will get more than one or two cans is slim so Sean told the boys that if they wanted one then they had to kiss their mother.  Jordan was not receptive to this idea, because I obviously have major cooties, and refused to do so.  Thank goodness for him, Jackson took one for the team and kissed his mother so his older brother could have a can of the coveted soda.

Tonight's polls suggest that Jackson is the favorite.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Day In the Life of Boys Growing Up.......

James.......He seems relatively comfortable with himself.  He doesn't take himself too seriously as evidenced in this picture.  So when a girl comes over to him while he is at work and says, "You are a total babe, and I think you are hot", giggles and runs away......well, that freaks him out a bit because he doesn't know if he just got teased or if it was serious.  Regardless, as his mom, I feel the need to quote that girl EVERY chance I get.  He went completely self conscious after that experience.  So funny!!

Jordan......I had to show him pictures of frost bitten ears and a frozen dead guy this week.  He won't wear a toque on those cold days because it will mess up his hair.  He's Mr. Gotta Look Good for the Ladies.  He tried a new look that Mom paid for as an early Christmas present, which we know she will totally forget about and continue her Christmas shopping for him like it never happened.  Went over quite well and must get a picture of it soon. He looked pretty awesome.  It's pretty fun shopping with him.

Jared........He's in a play at school.  There's choreography that he is learning.  There's a part where the cast are on their knees like they are idolizing someone.  Well Jared is not comfortable with that because idolatry is against the commandments.  Who was the teacher who described the dance move that way??!!!  Excuse me!!  Autism!!  L.I.T.E.R.A.L.!!!!  I tried to reason with him and then Sean tried.  This is a "to be continued" event.  At this point he won't participate in that particular dance and song.  He's having a great time with the rest of it.  Music is so good for him and to see him have a speaking part is awesome.  At least he refuses to do what he's not comfortable with.  That brings me some comfort.

Jackson......When a teacher tells you your baby is intelligent and mature beyond his years and hard working and shows leadership and is well liked by absolutely everyone, you tend to think things are going pretty good.  I didn't even give her the box of chocolates until AFTER she said all that.  He is loving his report card and his teacher and his class.  He puts chairs out for his classmates.  I'm lovin' this kid.  Can we PLEASE skip puberty.  I don't think I could handle seeing him go all angsty on me.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Because I am the Mom and I Want To

Scenario:  End of birthday group date.  All kids are leaving my home.  James' date is the last to leave.
I am standing in the living room with Emi-Lou in my arms.  James is on my right.  Date is on my left.
"Thanks, James, for asking me to be your date on your birthday." "Yeah.  Thanks for coming."  Exit left.

Now.  Perhaps I should have left the room.  Given them privacy.  Made the conclusion less awkward.

No.  I was having too much fun!!  No physical contact barrier breached.  A little awkwardness is good at sixteen.  No.  I wouldn't change that.

A 5'2" mother with a Bichon Shitzu is not as intimidating as a father in a rocking chair with a shot gun, but it's all I got.  I'm gonna work it.

Thursday, November 10, 2011


There is a coming of age when you turn sixteen.  It's like waking up one morning and all of a sudden you have opportunities that are so.....adult.

You can take a driving test.  You have more employers willing to hire you.  You can switch classes at school without parental consent.

Sixteen years ago this came out of me.
Yes......"Crap!  It's cold and bright out here!  Put me back in!!"

Now he is this
Really, he does smile.

My children aging bothers me more than my own aging.  I really like my kids and I am glad I get to be their mom.  But I woke up this morning and this boy named James is now considered a young man who can take a driving test (but not until he gets a haircut).

Well, Happy Birthday, Firstborn.  Mama loves ya and you will always be my baby.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Best Plans Thwarted

Last week Jordan was informing me that he wanted to see Paranormal Activity 3.  Scary, jumpy movie.  I was not impressed.  I seriously dislike those kinds of movies and really didn't think it was appropriate for Jordan to see.  Rated 14A, I was confident that his plan would go nowhere since he and his friends are only 13.

Jordan again informed me that the plan to see PA3 was under way and it seemed as though my approval or disapproval was a moot point.  Interesting.  Who was the parent who would be the "A" part of the 14A?  How would they get in without an adult?

I made the decision to let him  go so he could perhaps learn a lesson.  Because I was not given a specific adult chaperon name, I assumed that the boys would try to get in on their own and the staff at the local movie theatre would stop them at the gate and I would pick Jordan up, disappointed but having learned a valuable lesson.

Long story short.....My plans were foiled.  No adult.  The boys got in.  The movie scared them all.  Jordan's afraid of the dark now.  He says something good did come out of the experience.  "Now I say my prayers every morning and I sing church songs all the time!"

Last night James phoned from his job at a theatre and said the staff were seeing a midnight showing of Lion King 3D.  Did any of us want to come?  Sean and I were too tired.  Jordan said it was too late.  Seriously, I don't get it.  I offered to let him stay out until 2am and he turned me down.  Like it's going to happen again any time soon?  Jackson wanted to go.  I thought that would be fun.  Little Jackson.  Night owl Jackson.  A midnight movie with his big brother.  Lion King.  3D.  I'd be the cool mom and let him go.

Party pooper Dad quashed that plan.  In the end, no one saw Lion King.

Two mommy plans thwarted.  Don't know that either were the smartest of plans, but the intentions were good.......right?

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Cape

Capes are cool.  
Just ask James.  
He's worn one for four days.  
Halloween is over now and the Cape should be put to rest.  
At this point it gets creepy seeing him wear it.  
They blow around in the wind.  They look sinister.  
Capes are cool, but creepy after Halloween.

Monday, October 31, 2011

The Ups and Downs of Halloween Night

Up from my chair.  Down onto my chair.  Up.  Down.  Up.  Down.

James got Mega-pants-ed at school today (my understanding is that the Mega means really pants-ed to the point where the deed doer actually apologizes, but no worry, the novelty boxer shorts stayed in modest place). In this case......Down......Way down.........Up.  No.  He doesn't get embarrassed by it.  He finds the best remedy is to embarrass the person that does the deed.  Very secure in himself.....at least he seems that way.

I opened the door to two middle school girls who genuinely looked disappointed that I answered the door.  I don't think they came for my popcorn.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

When Life is Cut Short

It's been a tough week in Southern Alberta.  Last weekend a tragic vehicle accident on a gravel road near one of the smaller towns took the lives of four teens.

When I read about it, I felt like I was hit with a two by four in the chest.  I didn't know any of the kids or their families.  I do, however, have children in that age range.  I am a mother.  Worse, I am a woman.  What do we do?  We immediately put ourselves in the shoes of these mothers and it's our own child that perished.

Now I am NOT going to assume that I know what these parents and families are going through.  I don't.  I can imagine, but I can't go beyond that.  What I can say is that I had a few real feelings that I shared with James about how I never wanted to experience what these dear families are and I know I was not the only mother in the general region who did that.

James will be old enough to take his driving exam next month.  Most of his friends are already driving.  I often spend my nights when he is off with his friends worrying just a little that something might go wrong.  I can't help it.  I want them to make choices that keep them safe.

Funerals for these teens have begun and will conclude early next week.  Four funerals.  Six days.  I know there will be some who attend all of them.  I would find it near unbearable to do that.  My boys have good friends with good families.  I wouldn't want to bury any of them.  I find joy in their accomplishments.  I smile as I see them growing up.

It's times like these you are reminded that we don't know what our ultimate mortal timetable is.  We are here to learn and grow.  I know some people who would be elated to leave this world - not because of any feeling of depression or hopelessness, but rather because the peace and splendor that lies ahead after this life, I am confident, is a better gig.  Personally, I am not in a rush.  I want to be here for as long as possible.  Why?  Because there is so much to learn.  Because there is so much to experience and so many challenges to overcome and be strengthened by.  Because there is so much joy to be found and I want to get really good at finding it.

But we don't know what our mortal timetable is, so I am reminded that I can't waste my time.  I need to use it wisely.  My time is valuable.  Your time is valuable.  Every single second.


Thursday, October 20, 2011


I was kind of busy through the whole Thanksgiving thing.  Aren't I suppose to blog something Thanksgiving-ish?


I am thankful for husbands who gives their cranky wives a back massage after he's had a gruelling day at work.
I am thankful for sons who are only annoying in an age appropriate way, and are mostly awesome most of the time.
I am thankful for friends who are so much fun to shop across the border with and for those friends who couldn't  make it but would have been fun too.
I am thankful for a home to live in even when it doesn't feel like the home I want to live in.
I am thankful that no one cared that I roasted two chickens for Thanksgiving instead of a turkey.
I am thankful that since our family is all alone for Christmas this year, the idea of tossing all tradition out the window and eating pizza is a definite possibility. (Can't wait to blog that!!)
I am thankful for my life; for the easy parts and the difficult parts.

It kind of scratches the surface, but it's a start.

Saturday, October 15, 2011


Fun Fact:  When I play a computer game (and I'm not saying I play games often, because I don't) and win, I start over again with a new user name solely to beat my high score.

I think I was in Victoria for a total of 33 hours.  That includes sleeping time, getting what I needed for my run time, and race activity time.  The other twelve-ish hours were spent seeing my brother and his family, my Auntie Susan, and my 94 year old grandma.  It had been over a year since I'd seen my brother.  It had been way over 2 since seeing my aunt and grandma.  I miss them all.

I will just start by saying that I LOVE this run.  The Victoria Marathon, or half marathon in my case, was so well organized.  It's a Boston Marathon qualifier.  There were past Olympians, Olympic hopefuls, world class triathletes, a retired NHL hockey players, Kenyans, and slobs like me.  It was awesome!!!

Who wouldn't find a good omen in opening your front door in the darkness of the morning to see a family of three deer standing on the front lawn.  They just looked at me and peacefully walked across the street and watched me from the corner as I got into the car.  I couldn't imagine a nicer way to start my day.
I arrived about an hour before the race, in time to hear the early marathon start........that's for the slow pokes.  They get a two hour head start.  If I ever run a marathon I hope they give me the four hour head start.
I worried about my body.  I ran only once between Melissa's and Victoria.  My ankle hurt.  I spent a whole hour warming up.  5200 other half marathoners began to arrive over the next hour.  There were a bunch of us.  I like to start at the back.  Once the start was signalled, it took me five minutes to get to the start line.  And the run was on...........
I love sea level!!!  I ran so comfortably.  I had the biggest smile on my face at 10K because I could still breathe!!  The streets were lined with people cheering on the runners.  I made sure I passed the two 175 year old runners because there was NO WAY I was going to let them beat me.  I struggled with the old man who kept passing me, but I don't know if he was running or speed walking.  I think he ended up beating me, and if that really was speed walking then I just have no words for that.

Us slow pokes cheered on the winners who were in the home stretch when we were barely past 8K.  At 14K we cheered on the marathoners and caught a glimpse of the Kenyan runner who won by 12 minutes and had won the Montreal Marathon just two weeks earlier.

At 15K I got those darned butt cramps again.  I pulled over to stretch.  I kept on running.  By 18K I started to feel like my end was near and I was so close.  I found a familiar face.  I stopped to take a picture.  Shannon, you were the best police officer on duty along the race route.  You clapped and cheered us all on. Seeing her was enough to keep me going to the end.
And the end came.......2:28:20 was my official time.  I maintained my 10 and 1 run program and only made a potty stop and a stretch stop.  I beat my Melissa's time by 8 minutes.  I beat my first Melissa's time by about 28 minutes.

I loved this run.  It was like a regular Saturday run. The weather was perfect, which made it more lovable.  I find I get a little emotional before a race.  Something about being in the midst of so many people and we all have this same goal......to finish.  I contemplated life on this run.  I missed my running peeps.  I texted them and Facebook status updated on my walks, because it kept things light for me.  Heaven forbid I take myself too seriously.
All sorts of people crossed that finish line.  Some were fit looking and others looked a little marshmallow-y.  Some were young and one was 89 years old.  He was the oldest.  He finished the half in 3:13.  Can you find the inspiration in that?  I sure did.

I crossed the finish line.  I got my medal.  I got my chocolate milk.  Prayers work.  I did not hobble and haven't since.  It's like my ankle was never hurt.
A few short hours after that, I was on a plane back home.  I was greeted by the gang.  I love the gang.

I love to run.  I hate to run.  But I mostly love it.  It is my therapist.  I've watched video of me crossing the finish line.  I look like I gained 20 pounds and I certainly don't look like some of these fresh daisies that finish looking the same as they did 13.1 miles earlier.  But I clean up well.

I'll have to run Victoria again.  I'll use the same name, but you know my only goal will be to beat my high score.

I always have to beat my high score.

Sunday, October 2, 2011


It's not my story to tell, but I am reminded today that miracles are real and they still occur.  Sometimes prayers are answered for what seems an impossible request.  The courage of others inspires me.   Their faith motivates me to strengthen my own.

It was the best way to end my day.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

First Run Down......

After last year's goal of running a half marathon in honor of turning 40, I asked myself, "Deb, what are you going to do next year to outdo this year?"

It's how I am sometimes.  Type A.  Overly ambitious.  Crazy.  Take your pick.....Sean picks the last one.

Goal 2011:  Run two half marathons in two weeks.

Sure.  Why not?

I went back to Melissa's in Banff this past weekend.  It wasn't a girls' getaway.  No.  I thought taking the man who thinks I am crazy would be a much  better plan.  He could hold my chocolate milk at the finish line for when I finally would drag my sorry butt over it.  And before I forget......he was awesome and didn't mock me once......I don't think.

I went into this race with two goals:
1.  Do not EVER look behind me - it's not productive and it's energy consuming and it throw me off balance.
2.  Run the hills as much as possible.

I did those things.  I only looked back before I passed another runner (kind of like changing lanes).  I ran all the hills except 1/3 of the last one and most of that was on my scheduled walk anyway.  My time was 20 minutes faster than last year.

I did learn some things.
1.  Banff is almost double the elevation I am used to.  I started too fast and by 6k I was sucking wind and not getting any.  I started out passing a number of runners.  "Hey, you!  I want that 1354th finish.  You can finish 1355th."  By the middle, I realized that was silly.  My pace slowed by choice and by the fact that I was breathing poorly.
2.  I still hate running in warm weather.  It was a gorgeous day in the town of Banff.  I think I like running somewhere between -12C and 6C.
3.  Chocolate milk at the finish line is a great motivator.
4.  I really drink a lot of water while running.  How do people do it without?????

In the end, I walked about 10 minutes more than I wanted to.  I got major butt cramps (I don't know what the proper term is) during the last 1K.  My ankle is swollen and I am limping around.

But I finished!!!!!  I got my chocolate milk!!!!!  I was NOT last!!!!!!

So I get a two week break to fix myself and off to Victoria for half number two......going from a run at 4500-ish ft. above sea level to 75-ish ft. above sea level.  I'm told this makes a huge difference.  There just better be a lot of water for me to drink.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Everyone's a Comedian

have ..........uh, had a whiteboard on my fridge.  It fell off.  Need to glue the magnets back on.

Anyway, I wrote on it

"Hug your mother" 

because really that


Pretty sure about that.

Seems a certain Sean and his son James, both of whom think they are rather witty, thought writing the following would be loads of fun.

"Chug your moth"

Yes, they do think they are rather funny.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Facebook Status

Facebook.  So big.  I'm glad that my kids don't take it too seriously.  One of the things I enjoy are some of the status updates James posts on his page.  Sorry all, this blog entry is just my way of remembering some of my favorites over the last few months.

My favorite part of school is coming home, taking off my make up, and putting on my sweat pants....

If anyone can guess the color I'm thinking of right now, I will give them a..Michael.... And a hug and a kiss.... LIKE MY STATUS!!!!

I can't log in to facebook....

Guy: Would you like to dance?
Girl: No
Guy: You must not have heard me right, I said you look really fat in those pants...

If you live right, there really isn't such a thing as death...

Whether you're awesome or cool put this as your status (If you...)
wanna start a potato farm. [Comment with :D.]
Think I look good in a sombrero. [Like.]
If you think I'm a good sea horse tamer. [Comment.]
If you wanna play uno, be honest. [Comment with a lol (drowning man).]
If you want me to take care of your unicorn. [Comment, and leave a 
If you're awesome or cool. [Make this your status.]

Do you believe in love at first sight? Or should I walk by again?

Hates it when you can't find someone on facebook cause you never got their last name... It's like learning what to do if you're on fire while listening to loud music, all you get is stop and drop.... Then what?

I just read that small amounts of stress is actually healthy and will help get rid of a cold faster, and at the bottom in a small note it says video game stress counts.... Super Mario World here I come....

is sick, I'll bet if this status gets a lot of likes I'll get better quicker... SO LIKE MY STATUS!!!

popcorn is an antidepressant

Vote for me at tomorrow's student election!!  (James wasn't on the ballot)

Do you ever get the feeling you are being watched? Well guess what.... It's me, all of the time, every day.. Yeah I'm talking to every single person who reads this status.. Now like this status..

I don't believe in judging people based on skin color, hair color, intelligence, mental stability, musical taste, height, weight, age, favorite sport, or if they are aware that Zelda isn't the elfy looking guy in the tunic... For me it all comes down to which three Star Wars movies the other person thinks of when I say Star Wars trilogy.. I mean what else REALLY matters? Clone Wars was the only good one anyways

What do you get when you cross an atheist with a dyslexic? Someone who doesn't believe in dogs... HAHA...

Coulrophobia is the irrational fear of clowns... I've now gotten over that... I now have Ablutophobia - fear of bathing....

Pickup line for a guy trying to get a girl: Cute, you're growing a mustache too? We must have a lot in common... Would that work? I need feedback....

Fun Fact: Light travels faster than sound.. That's why sometimes people seem bright, until they open their mouth...

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Friday, August 19, 2011

Fridge Mounts

So I am not a fan of mounted animal heads and I am not a fan of fridge magnets, but combine them and this mama may have to make an exception.
My sister and parents took a trip out to Banff while she was here visiting and brought this home for Jackson.  

I'm thinking it's kind of cute.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Puppy Trims and Training

Emi-Lou is 4 months old now.  She's growing like a weed and learning new things everyday.  She will sit on demand most of the time now.  Sometimes we can even get her to lie down, but that is proving a little challenging.

We took her to the vet last Saturday for her second round of shots.  We asked that some of her facial hair get trimmed because we could no longer see her face and the groomers wouldn't take her until her rabies shots were done.

Her hair was trimmed around the eyes.  It only took three people to get it done.  I've got a little fighter on my hands.  So we got the "it would be a good idea if you start training her to stay still for grooming because if you don't you may find that you can't find anyone to give a the periodic cut."

Today we got our chance.  Little Lou Lou Bear got into some tar in the shed/workshop that Sean is fixing up.

Sean and I managed to get it done, but it may have been too much of a temptation to leave it.  It blended in anyway.  No.  We love our little Lou-Lou.  Looks like we will start trimming her daily now to get her used to it.  She's getting awesome treats for rewards.  Hopefully it won't take too long.

Days Off

Took pictures with my phone and somehow I managed to delete them.  I can be technologically challenged sometimes.

Regardless, I've been busy shopping and going to movies and having "High Tea" at the Prince of Wales Hotel in Waterton.  It's odd going to Waterton without your hiking shoes.  

I've never experienced High Tea, even in all those years living in Victoria.  It was yummy, though I felt like a trip to Subway was in order after.  I learned "Tea" is what you do AFTER you eat lunch.  Kind of like a mid-afternoon snack.  One more part of me is "gentrified".  That's a word I learned in New York.  

I'm back to work tomorrow.  How time flies.  

I warned them I might do this.......some of you need to update your blogs!!!!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Milestone

James.  The gigantic baby of the family.  Gigantic because he is the oldest.  Gigantic because at 15 he stands at least 6 ft and dwarfs his 5ft 2in mama.  Gigantic because even with a haircut (this picture is NOT the haircut) his head is and was and started out huge.  

I am forever grateful for C-sections........4 times.  Gigantic heads are a tradition in this house.
Okay, perhaps his head is not huge, but child birth can skew one's perspective - give me a break.

James.  He's taking driver's ed.  He has not killed the instructor.  He has not killed us.  Let me tell  you, Jackson trembles and prays in the back seat.  Sixteen is around the corner.  License time is soon.  

To top that off, he just got his first job.  Official job.  Not a work with your dad and get paid kind of job.  A real job with, hopefully, direct deposit.  

Another milestone in the Mama Deb history book.  

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Puppy Life

Our little Emi-Lou is growing up.  Fast.  She's a frisky little baby - all fur and all teeth.  She loves to play and wrestle.......
Emi-Lou.........shadow boxer
She loves shoes and we often find her sleeping with them in the closet.

She loves her Gracie

She loves to help Sean lay the paving bricks

We are completely in love with this girl.  What a great addition to our family she has been!!

Monday, August 8, 2011


I have a feeling that some people think I am this......
....Organized.  Tidy.  I have it together.

Usually, and Sean will agree, I am something like this........
.... Disorganized.  Messy.  Hey, I CAN find things.

I do, however, have moments when I get sick of the mess.  I can clean up.
Maybe it will last.  Who knows???

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Paint Till You Drop

No pictures.  No evidence.  Just my word.

I finished work on Friday and went to Okotoks with Sean and James to my Aunt Carla's new house.  She just bought a music school/house there and needed help with painting the studio.  Off we went.

Sean and I like painting and we took James along for some "work experience".  We like to hit the ground running and run we did.  We arrived around 8pm.  We ate Chinese food.  We started filling holes in walls and taping the rooms until 10:30. When Carla and Ken went home.  Sean and I decided we needed to start the first coat so we did and finished at 3am.  We slept until 7:30am and by 8am we were painting again.

By the time 5pm arrived, we finished the second coat and touch ups in the studio, a bathroom, first coats on the two upstairs bedrooms, and 7 doors and two closet doors.

The studio went from a red orange to a happy corn husk yellow.  The doors are now white.  There were 6 of us painting on Saturday.  All that is left now is to paint the mouldings white and re-hang the doors, which Carla and Ken will take care of.

Major transformation.

We returned home exhausted, but we had great fun getting there. Now back to the work around our own house.

This is going to be a great music school.  Okotoks is lucky to get such a talented lady!!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Super Awesome Get Things Done and Have Some Fun Long Weekend

I love a good project and with this house we have had many.  It's NOT my forever house.  No.  While I am  happy with the work we have done, it ultimately does not meet the needs of our family.  I want a newer home.  I want a bigger home.  I don't plan to settle for the one we are in.  Does that make me materialistic?  Maybe.  Don't care.  I am ready to move up.  And I digress.......

One of the projects that have been on the list is the backyard patio.  The paving stones were sinking in spots and water would pool near the house......not good.....so we knew it would be something that would require our attention sooner than later.
My usual M.O. is make a mess of whatever area I want improved (ie. demolition of some sort) then attention has to be paid to it or it continues to be a) an eyesore or b) a safety hazard.  I began to create both.

Sean's been working on our back shed and converting it into his new workshop.  He is getting kicked out of the garage with our numerous guitars and drum set.  Once Sean got the electrical up and working he began to tackle the patio.  We even got the boys involved pulling up bricks.

We are extending the width by about 4 feet which was on my wish list.  We pulled up the rotting wood beams and replaced them.  As of press time it is full of fill and we need to haul in the sand and level it so we can start laying the stones in.  The beams are painted a charcoal gray as is the foundation of the house.  It was necessary to do that because at some point a previous owner decided blue would be a fantastic color to combine with green and painted the foundation.  Once this main part is done, we will take care of the lower level and the side of the house.  We did it the summer we moved in, but we can do a better job.  While I would LOVE to build an entirely new patio/deck it is not in our budget to do so.  We are reusing everything we can.  It's an older house anyway.  Our interlocking bricks are discontinued and we were worried about how we would make it all work with the extended patio, but Sean got some from a client who had the exact same bricks and needed to get rid of them.  SCORE!!!!

He's had major luck on the free stuff lately.  Free 40 inch flat screen LCD.  Free bike for him to work on......side project.  Free bricks.  I am far from a junk collector.....He did well.

This is my new window in my bathroom.  Sean put that in Thursday, I think.  Glad to have a window back in there.  Just need to find new moldings to go around it.  We have dark wood moldings so I need to find something that will match everything else.  Now......what did Sean do with the old one?????
He cut a hole in the shed/workshop and framed out a new home for the window.  Now there is electricity AND natural light.  He's planning on replacing some more windows in the house and two more will find new homes in this shed.

Side note:  This was the shed project two weeks ago......

 Old roof

New roof

And that brings us to the fun today......Sean went to Calgary.  I ran 15.2K (emphasis on the .2) James had his first driving road lesson.  The boys and I went to Waterton and hiked to Bertha Falls.  I thought it was 3km and turned out to be 5km-ish.  James and Jared saw two bear cubs up a tree and we had to wait around until the mama could coax them down and leave the area.  We feasted at Subway (family Waterton tradition) and James drove us home.  My legs are hurting and I am shuffling around tonight, but it was fun.  

Back to work tomorrow.  How time flies.  And it was time well spent.
Super.  Awesome.