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Monday, October 25, 2010

Stop the World.....I Wanna Get Off For Just a Little While

So I mentioned life is busy and it is, but after today I am not going to complain about it anymore.  Trust me.  Friends have heard enough.  I am busy.  I am tired.  I don't know if I am coming or going.  I am a mess.

I started out the school year with a morning contract and now I have one for the afternoon too.  I'm taking a course through the college.  I have swimming lessons for the boys.  They have cubs, scouts, and youth activities.  There's piano lessons and extra curricular band rehearsals.  I am teaching singing lessons.  I'm still picking up a shift here and there at the bank.  I am preparing two Christmas programs for church.  Next week is our church lady craft night.  We are cutting wood and getting other supplies ready.  If there are other things, I don't remember because I am not looking at my calendar.

Life is busy.  I know that there are moms out there who do more than this, but this blog is about me.  I'm looking forward to getting used to this rhythm.  Sooner would be better.

My question:  Why is it that I keep hearing myself volunteering for more?????  There's part of me saying, "Sure!  I can do that.  No problem."  And there's another part of me saying, "@*#?%!! (no four symbol dialog here folks), shut up!!"

I am going to try and squeeze in some fun this week.  I made that promise to myself.

Got a nice treat from Antonia tonight.  Roger's Chocolates.  My most favorite.  One of the reasons I miss Victoria.  At least I can get it in Banff from time to time.  Thank you so much!!  And your photogs are great.  Looking forward to posting them.


ABDO said...

I was telling Bru "Everything will get better after Nov 1". But then I realized that it won't, that it's a big sham, that i was lying to myself and that life will never slow down until I take control of it. I HATE being in charge!! I hope tonight you have put up your feet and are delving into a little bite of chocolate heaven. It's the little luxuries that make it all worth it. ;) Good luck- can I do anything for you?

Shelli said...

wow! Doesn't leave much time for pumpkin carving!