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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Running Review

I turned 40 this year. 4.0. I'm totally okay with it. No really. I'm cool.

I decided to accomplish something I have never been able to stick with and that was running. My goal? Half marathon. 40 and my sensibilities are failing me. The last time I blogged about running it was Moonlight Madness. I've run a few time since then. Here's the review.

Ladies Fest - Girls only!!!! No boys allowed???? Well, not unless you are serving water, serenading me, or feeding me chocolate. June was Ladies Fest, and 8k run down into the river bottom and back up. The back up was a treat, let me tell you. Wanna run a hill? I got just the perfect one for you, baby.

And that wasn't even the half of it. No, I did not run up the whole thing (I walked some), though it would have been cool. Maybe next year. Maybe I will actually do some hill training before the next one. Must put that on my to do list.
It's amazing how a post run picture can add twenty pounds to my frame and ONLY my frame. The other lovely ladies are part of my running posse. Amy, I know you will read this and we missed you!!!!

Raymond - The Raymond 10k came along next and all I can say is, "YUCK" and I didn't come last. It was hot and windy and dusty with only one water station by the cemetery where I would have been happy to die. Scott kept me company on this one - bless him.

A Stirling 5k was in there somewhere, but I don't remember when. I think some time in July. No pics of that one. I didn't come in last again and actually I was pretty happy with my time.

Melissa's Road Race in Banff - The big one. 22k. Girls' weekend getaway. How much trouble could a girl get into???? Not much when your body hurts and you are getting sick. I was good, Sean, I really was!!!!!
This is my leg all taped up for the run. I don't know what exactly is wrong with me......hamstring (yes), IT whatchamacallit, bursitis.....whatever. I hurt, but I can still move. I did some physio before this run. I wanted to make sure I didn't end up in the hospital. Thanks to Antonia for taping me up!!
Pre-run. We got our shirts before the race. It was a blustery day. It was especially blustery when running up a hill and yes, that wind was blowing right at us. I felt pretty good for the first 17k and then started to poop out. The last hills and the wind were killer. The more I pushed into the wind, the more my hamstring cussed me out. I ended up walking up the last few hills until the turnaround and I could run with the wind behind me. The important thing is that I finished!!!! 22k!!! NEVER have I run that far.

It was a great weekend full of Lululemon, chocolate, hot springs, food, and cold medication. As you can see from our post-race picture we survived our runs and still have smiles on our faces (and dirt between our teeth). We missed some of our posse....Amy and Karri, you know who you are....so there's always next year for a bigger girls' getaway.

I registered for a half in Victoria, but I am skipping it. I have some healing to do now, but wait until next year. Yes, I am doing this again. Don't tell me I'm crazy. I already know.

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Shelli said...

WOW! There is nothing more to say!
40 - that is fabulous!

ABDO said...

Sweet post! When you look THAT good in running gear and AFTER a 22km run, you HAVE to keep running. In fact, you may inspire me to return to long distances!

Mama Deb said...

Shelli!!!!! I miss you!!!!

Amy!!!!!! You're TOTALLY doing this with me next year!!

Dedra said...

I found your blog 'leap blogging.' I just wanted to tell you I think you are an inspiration. Just 2 days ago I decided to train for my first 5k. I'm going to do it in July of next year with my kids. It will take me that long to train for it since the last time I ran I was in high school and it took me 20 minutes to go a mile. Thanks for the encouragement and I think you'll do great on a half marathon!

Mama Deb said...

Sticking with this running business has reminded me I can accomplish anything I put my mind to, Dedra. Slow and steady training is the best way to go. You can do it!!!