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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Our Summer

Today I am blogging about our summer - or lack thereof.  Our weather mostly sucked lemons this year.  I had plans.  Boy, did I have plans.

We were going to go hike at least four times in Waterton Park.  We went twice.
The boys were going to do summer basketball camp.  Check.
We were going to go to Calaway Park with our friends in Calgary.  Didn't happen.
James went on Trek and he and Jordan went camping with the young men from church.  Check.
Family came here so we didn't have to go anywhere!!!!!!  Check.

Let's start with Trek.......
Trek is the four day event where you take a bunch of teenagers and adult leaders and dress them up as pioneers.  You divide them up into families.  You have them put together a handcart.  You limit their food intake.  You confiscate modern day luxuries like soap and toothpaste and deodorant.  You make them pull and push a handcart as a family up and down mountains, through streams and washed out roads.  You pray that the rain will stay away.

It rained the days before Trek.  It rained the morning of Trek.  Then the rain went away.  I dropped off a skeptical boy and picked up someone who thought it was the best experience of his life.  They walked a lot.  They killed and roasted turkeys in pits.  They made new friends.  They slept under the stars.  It was often boring, but also one of the most fun things he's done.  James was even nice and helpful for the next TWO weeks.  I should send him to Trek more.

Jordan, Jared, and Jackson went to basketball camps at the university.  They all had a great time.  Jordan walked around like an 85 year old man most evenings so I knew he was working hard.  Jared had a Pronghorn player as his assistant.  Jackson did really well too.  I'm thinking league this winter.  Even with Jared it's worth a try.  He survived camp and they survived him. 

We took Diane out to Waterton when she came out to visit.  Chris, Jen, and Ethan were out too, but Ethan was not feeling to well so we just went with Diane.  We took her to Cameron Falls and walked up to the top of the falls to look around.  It was a lovely day, and she went back out later in the week with the rest of my fam.

We went again a couple of weeks later to hike Bear's Hump.  I've really wanted to get the family more physically active and I thought hiking was a great way to start.  Bear's Hump is a shorter hike, but it's straight up and rather tiring if you are not in shape or not a child.  We took the grandparents and set out for the day.  Some of us ran up the trail, and Jordan made it to the top first followed by Jared.  Jackson and I made it up 5 or 10 minutes after them.  James and Grandpa got Grandma to the top.  Yeah!!!!!  It was so windy at the top and I was so nervous that the gusts would blow Jackson over the side!!  I am sure the peaceful tranquility of the top was completely destroyed by the noise of our family.  Man, we are a loud bunch. 

I wish we could have done more.  The summer still went by quickly and we seemed to keep busy, but I hope next summer is better.  I want to get a park pass try out some of the longer hikes.  Maybe we can see a bear!!  May not.

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ABDO said...

love the writing (it sounds just like you), love the pictures! I really loved the part about Trek, you summed it up nicely... by the way, How's it going?