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Saturday, May 1, 2010


I really thought that my wrist was not healing properly and was kicking myself for getting my cast off early. About a week after Moonlight, something happened. My right thumb stopped working.

Newsflash!!!!!!! Thumbs are important.

I could not extend it. I could move it from side to side a bit, but the thumb wasn't good for anything.

So I went to Emergency in a panic and here's the lesson girls and boys.........seems that when you do activities such as, say, folding laundry and you feel a popping sensation in your hand above the wrist, it could be a warning to stop what you are doing. It may also be wise to listen to your husband when he says you can't do something and not do it. If you do, you may "Oh yes I can" yourself all the way to the Emergency.

I guess when I slipped and fell on the ice and fractured my little wrist, I most likely damaged my thumb tendon. I continued to complete tasked that aggravated that injury. Eventually I killed my tendon - totally shredding it - leaving it unrepairable. This led to a visit with a plastic surgeon.

So on April 5th I had to undergo a tendon transfer surgery. This entailed taking an extra tendon from my index finger and moving it over to my thumb. I was awake. I even watched some of it. I was fitted with a six hundred ton plaster thumb splint/cast for a week.

I am no longer pushing my limits.....well I can't at the moment anyway.

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